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Valentine’s Day Gifts to Bring You Closer Together

Valentine’s Day Gifts to Bring You Closer Together

At its heart (pun intended), Valentine’s Day is a nice reminder to show our loved ones how much we care for them. But there can be a lot of pressure to choose the perfect gift—many of us procrastinate and end up panic-buying a box of chocolate or a tie at the last minute. Don’t be that person this year! We came up with five heart-warming gift ideas that will wow your sweetheart and bring you closer together as a couple. And, yes, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re single! Our gift ideas work just as well for friends or even as a present for yourself.

Walk down memory lane

Ticket stubs from a favorite concert, a picture of the coffee shop where you first met, postcards from a special vacation—all of these make an excellent gift when custom-framed! Choose something that’s extra special for your partner and you, then head to your local FastFrame store. One of our talented designers will help you find the perfect mat and handcrafted frame to turn your cherished item into wall art your paramour will adore!

Bake something sweet together

Whether you or your partner are an amateur pastry chef or you don’t know a tablespoon from a teaspoon, you can still enjoy baking together! Pick a recipe that matches your skill level (or is slightly more challenging if you want to learn together), then purchase all the ingredients and present them in a nice basket or a big mixing bowl. Baking together requires teamwork and communication, highlights your partner’s strengths, and results in a tasty treat at the end!


Play games and puzzle them

It’s so easy to stay on autopilot and slump on the couch with your partner every night, watching tv until somebody falls asleep. Don’t get us wrong, sofa-snuggling is nice, but every couple should also have some screen-free bonding time! Try presenting your partner with a jigsaw puzzle and work on it while listening to your favorite thought-provoking podcast. Or buy a fun board game you can enjoy together and with friends.

Take a class together

Learning a new skill together strengthens your bond as a couple. When we learn new things, we show vulnerability and support one another—essential for deepening our connection and maintaining a healthy relationship. There are in-person and online class options for everything from language and cooking to dancing and scuba diving—just make sure to pick something that’s new to you and your partner so you’re both starting off at the same level.


Always leave a note

Few things are sweeter than a handwritten love note! Put words to paper and let your partner know how much you care about them. It can be as simple or complex as you want, as long as it comes from the heart. Try your hand at a poem or write a list of 20 things you love about them. Have a case of writer’s block? Find a famous love poem or quote that resonates with your relationship and let the pros do the talking for you!

You could also make your words extra special and last a lifetime with custom framing. Hand write your poem or letter and take it to your local FastFrame store, our designers can advise you on how to create your special piece.

The best Valentine’s Day gifts come from the heart and will make your partner happy for years to come—which makes custom framing the perfect present! At FastFrame, we can frame just about anything—family photos, cherished artwork, a favorite sports jersey, a beloved stamp collection—and the list goes on! Choose something that would make your sweetheart swoon and head down to your local FastFrame store. Our talented designers will create a display that will be as long-lasting as your love!

Find your nearest FastFrame store to start custom framing.

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