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Say “I Do” to Custom Framed Wedding Photos

Say “I Do” to Custom Framed Wedding Photos

Family vacations, parties, holiday gatherings, and weddings all have one big thing in common—they fly by! ESPECIALLY weddings. There is so much overflowing excitement that it’s easy to be swept away. After those months of planning and pending anticipation, you’re left with the memories. At FastFrame, our biggest passion is helping you to preserve memories, so there’s no better time to call on us than after your wedding photographer delivers your photos.



The photos from your wedding provide you with the opportunity to journey back to the special day each time you run across them. The goal is then to make sure you run across them everyday! Now, that won’t happen if they’re packed away in an album on the bookshelf or stuck on a file in your computer. That’s where we come to your aid. Our expert custom framers will give your wedding photos their very own, handcrafted vessels to add the perfect touch to the walls of the home you’re beginning to build with your partner.

If you’re feeling a little lost on how to choose photos to custom frame or how to create the gorgeous display they deserve, we’re here to help—either in-store or in this post! We’ve got some inspirational tips that’ll have you feeling prepared and oh so excited to get your wedding photos on display to bring a smile to your face—everyday!

Bring out the Engagement Photos & Personal Tidbits

As you can see, our first tip has nothing to do with your wedding photos. We love gallery walls, and if you’ve not felt inspired enough to create your own—now is the time! Tell the story of your love as you journey through a wedding-themed gallery wall. Pull out engagement photos and personal tidbits you might have saved—it’ll be a great reminder of those unforgettable moments and experiences you’ve shared with your partner. At Fastframe, we can frame objects as well! A special necklace, a boutineer, wristbands, just about anything!


Make a statement

Sit with your partner and look through your photos and find that one photo. THE photo. The one that just captures the feelings and the emotions of your wedding day. It might be the two of you, it might be a group shot, or a panned-out view of the crowd at the reception. Once you’ve found it—blow it up! Blow it up into a huge print, that is. We’ll help you choose the right frame and mat and before you know it you’ve got a huge statement in your entry, above the dining table, or crowning the fireplace.


Ditch the Books from your Bookcase

Now we love reading and books are treasured pieces to own…but maybe the books on that bookcase in your living room or bedroom can find a new home elsewhere. This will give you plenty of space to make an altar of sorts to your wedding day. Add one of the centerpieces from the reception, your dried bouquet, or any other three dimensional objects from the journey with your partner. Then sprinkle in table-top custom frames from the photos you’ve curated. This bookshelf-gallery wall hybrid will make a statement and be a constant reminder of that one special day you and your partner decided to tie the knot!



Read  6 Ingenious Places You Can Put a Gallery Wall if you’re having trouble deciding where to put your new wedding-themed photos. You don’t need a huge blank wall in the living room to create a stunning gallery wall! With a bit of wall space, your freshly framed wedding photos, and a little elbow grease, you can refresh any area of your home with a wow-worthy wall display. 

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