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Team Spirit Beyond Football Season!

Team Spirit Beyond Football Season!

Whether you’re a fan or not, it can be hard to avoid football fever. From game day foods to parties, everything related to the season is over-the-top. All the hype can even make you forget that there’s actually a game!

Whether you’ve been glued to the screen or in the corner having drinks, the season seems to fly by in a flash. We quickly find ourselves left with empty bags of potato chips and only the memories of that final touchdown. The biggest fans, whether their team made it through the playoffs or not, are often left wanting more at the end of the season.

All that means is there’s no better time than now to do something to keep that team spirit alive until next season. Owning a piece of memorabilia from your favorite player is a huge thrill—bringing you closer to someone you admire. If you’re preparing to start investing in sports memorabilia or just want to create a great gift for a loved one, we’ve got some important tips for your quest.


You should always research the piece you’re looking to buy. Look at the details and if the seller claims it’s a one of a kind, make sure it really is. Even if the value is only sentimental, you’ll need somewhere to keep your collectable safe and out of harm’s way. To start, one of the most common display options is the custom frame—especially ideal for jerseys! Never risk damage by trying to cram a valuable signed jersey into a frame yourself. With the professional custom framing at FastFrame, you can protect and turn any jersey into a stunning work of art that speaks volumes about your team-loyalty.

If your collectible isn’t flat like a jersey or team photo, you can take your piece into a FastFrame store to have it professionally encased in a hand-crafted shadow box. Besides looking awesome in your media room, a custom frame or shadow box will provide invaluable UV protection as well. Light can drain the color from a precious piece of sports memorabilia over the years, so don’t leave your investment exposed.

Whether it’s going to be one piece or the start of a collection, the last important step is to create a space in your home specifically for your sports memorabilia. You want your new investment to shine, so spruce up that media room with a gallery wall of framed sports moments to compliment your new framed jersey. Not only will your team spirit be bolstered until next year, but you’ll have the most enviable of spaces to host future game-day parties!

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