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Cheerful Decor Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues

Cheerful Decor Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues

Let’s be honest, January can be a little dreary! The holidays are over and your decorations have come down, which can leave your home feeling a bit drab. And in many parts of the country, chilly January weather means you’re mostly stuck inside with that drab decor! Lucky for you, we have a few simple ideas for creating a more cheerful living space. Try one (or a few) of our tips for a bright, happy home that’s sure to chase those winter blues away!

Dress up your walls

Don’t leave your walls bare! People often overlook wall decor, but it’s vital for a warm, inviting home. We recommend custom framing beloved family photos, prints of your favorite vacation destination, or bright, happy art. Hanging up your favorite custom-framed photos and cherished art means you’ll smile every time you look at your walls! 

Let there be light

Winter has fewer hours of daylight, so it takes a little extra effort to keep your home feeling nice and bright. Introduce floor lamps in darker corners and layer in table lamps on side tables and consoles. You may even want to install wall sconces or swap out overhead lighting for an illuminating room refresh.

Say yes to color

Introducing pops of color is a great way to make your home feel happy. You don’t need to make drastic changes, simply swap out throw pillows, curtains, rugs, linens, and even dishes for more vibrant options. Add in decorative objects like vases, trays, and knickknacks in fun colors. And don’t forget your walls! Hang custom-framed art that features mood-boosting hues.


Nurture your green thumb

If you’re missing the vibrant greenery of summer, simply bring that greenery indoors! Welcoming house plants into your space freshens the air and adds a homey feel. Bonus—fun plant pots are a great opportunity to bring in some color and express your style! Just do a quick online search for easy-care options that will thrive with your available light.

Hold a mirror up to your style

Lamps aren’t the only way to make sure your home feels bright! Mirrors reflect the available light, maximizing the brightness in your space. An antique mirror with a luxe frame works equally well for traditional and eclectic styles, while a sleek metal mirror is perfect for modern and minimalist spaces. Create the ultimate statement mirror by having a basic mirror custom-framed to any style at your local FastFrame store.  Mirrors also look great as part of a gallery wall with custom-framed art!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our cheerful decor ideas! Beautifully framed artwork is essential for a warm and inviting home, so be sure to stop by a FastFrame store for all your custom-framing needs!

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