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New Year’s Refresh for Mind, Body & Home

New Year’s Refresh for Mind, Body & Home

Time for a refresh 

The new year inspires many of us to make changes, but our motivation rarely lasts past January. We’re surrounded by marketing that shouts “new year, new you”, so we create lofty goals for ourselves and make resolutions that are hard to keep. We think it’s time for something different! Instead of an overly ambitious overhaul, we propose an achievable refresh for mind, body, and home. Read our suggestions for easy ways you can recharge, revitalize, and revamp in 2023!


With a plethora of tv shows, movies, and funny videos at our fingertips, we spend a lot of time glued to screens. What did people do before the age of smartphones and streaming? They read books—and you should too! Reading has a whole host of far-reaching benefits. Most of us know that it makes you learn, think, and use your imagination. But did you know reading can also improve your memory, ability to empathize, and communication skills? It’s even been shown to reduce stress and improve mental health! Try making reading time a regular habit, such as 30 minutes every night before bed. Whether you prefer autobiographies, classic literature, romance novels, or nonfiction, there’s a book out there for you!


Having 24-hour access to everything that’s happening all over the world can be overwhelming to say the least! If your mindless social media use and news app doomscrolling leaves you feeling anxious and depressed, consider taking a break. Many people do a social media/news cleanse to clear their heads and reset their relationship with certain online platforms. Turn off notifications and take a break for a day, a week, or even a month. Reflect on how you feel at the end of each day. When you’re feeling re-centered and ready for your break to end, set a daily limit for your social media use and news consumption, then stick to it.


Many people make exercise resolutions at the start of the new year. Gyms get an influx of memberships in January, but most of them taper off after a few months. That’s because people often set unrealistic goals for themselves that just aren’t sustainable, like spending an hour at the gym five days a week. Why set yourself up for failure? Working out at the gym is great, but it’s just one way to exercise—there are plenty of other ways to move your body! You might not have time for an hour at the gym, but maybe you can fit in a walk during your lunch break instead. Aim for at least 30 minutes of movement each day, whether it’s walking, dancing, yoga, playing a favorite sport, or doing a workout. They’ll all boost your physical and mental health!


This time of year bombards us with ads for dieting and weight loss products. For many people, this feeds into negative thoughts about our bodies, highlighting everything we want to change. What if instead of focusing on the negative, we focused on the positive? Think about all the amazing things your body does. Whether it chases after a running toddler, carries heavy grocery bags, or breaks it down on the dance floor, your body is impressive! So it doesn’t look exactly how you want it to. That’s okay. You can acknowledge that and move on. Self-love can be difficult, so try self-acceptance first. Accept your body (self-perceived) flaws and all. After all, it moves you through this world and that’s a pretty amazing thing!


We’ve been turning most typical New Year’s resolutions on their heads, but we’re keeping it straightforward with this one! Now is a great time to declutter and make some changes to your habits to keep your home tidy and organized all year long. Divide your home into zones and make a realistic plan to tackle each area. Whether you do one a day, one a week or one a month, the important thing is to keep going! Sort items into five piles: put away, fix/mend, donate, recycle, and trash. Don’t be afraid to hire a professional organizer or read a book by one if you need more support. After you’re finished, make decluttering part of your normal routine to prevent stuff from piling up in the first place.



Let’s be honest, January can be a little dreary! And in many parts of the country, the chilly weather means you’re mostly stuck inside. That’s why we think the start of a new year is the perfect excuse to give your decor an uplifting refresh. Try introducing mood-boosting pops of color with pillows, curtains, decorative objects, houseplants, and art. If you’ve been putting off hanging art on the walls, now’s the time to get your favorite pieces custom framed. Maybe decluttering unearthed some old photos or treasured mementos—get those custom framed too! Finally make that gallery wall you’ve been wanting for ages. Give yourself permission to create a cheerful living space you’ll love coming home to!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips for how to refresh your mind, body, and home for the new year! If you’re looking for more New Year’s resolution ideas, check out New Year’s Resolutions for a Happy Home. As always, be sure to head to FastFrame for all your custom framing needs! Visit us at

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