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5 Memorable & Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

5 Memorable & Unique Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

Show the mom in your life how much she means to you with the perfect Mother’s Day present! The best gifts come from the heart, so we came up with five memorable and unique ideas she’s guaranteed to love. Whether you’re shopping for a new mom in need of TLC, a loving grandma, or a picky mother-in-law, these thoughtful gifts are sure to make every type of mom feel loved and celebrated!

A professional photoshoot

There’s nothing quite like getting pictures taken by a professional! If mom loves family photos, she’s sure to be thrilled with this gift. Browse local photographers to find one whose style mom will enjoy—some people specialize in traditional family photos, while others excel with candid shots. You can also do a shoot focusing on just the kids, a beloved pet, or mom herself! (Bonus points if you get your favorite photos custom framed afterward.)

A night out

Becoming a mom often results in fewer date nights and evenings out with friends. That’s why giving mom a night on the town is such a great gift! If children are younger, arrange for a babysitter or volunteer yourself. Treat her to dinner, some drinks, a movie, a play, or anything else she would enjoy. Consider taking mom yourself or get her gift cards and tickets so she can go with her partner of choice.

A memory preserved

Whether it’s a favorite snapshot, a handwritten family recipe, or a needlepoint by her grandma, custom framing can turn cherished items into beautiful wall decor. And you don’t need to stick with two-dimensional pieces! Custom framers can make shadow boxes and other types of displays for objects with depth like jewelry, clothing items, medals, and more. Opt for a simple, elegant frame that will look good with mom’s decor.

A day of pampering

No matter how old their kids are, most moms won’t say no to a day of pampering! Relaxation and self-care look different for each individual, so think about what mom would like best and then make it happen. For some moms, an ideal day involves a trip to the spa, a massage, or a mani/pedi. For others, it may be sleeping in followed by alone time with a good book, a cup of tea, and an indulgent chocolate bar.

An unforgettable experience

Too many moms feel guilty when they take time to themselves or spend money on an experience just for them! Put mom first by treating her to a special experience that will bring her joy. There are so many great options, no matter what her preferences: dinner at a five star restaurant, theater tickets, a museum tour, music festival passes, a weekend trip away, a guided hike, a cooking class, a craft workshop—and the list goes on!

If you opt for a custom-framed gift for mom, be sure to head to FastFrame! Our talented designers will help you create a gift that she’ll adore for years to come. Check out How to Choose the Best Picture Frames for Your Decor Style for expert help with choosing the perfect frame.

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