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6 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas to Celebrate Your Love

6 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas to Celebrate Your Love

Let’s be honest, anniversary gifts can be tough to get right! They need to be thoughtful, unique, and meaningful to your partner. So how on earth do you find a gift that symbolizes your love? Just think outside of the box—or better yet, let us do the thinking for you! We came up with six special gift ideas that will celebrate your relationship and keep your love going strong.

Frame your love

The traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper, so why not custom frame something special? Wedding invites, a menu from the restaurant where you had your first date, tickets from your first concert together—all of these and more can make heartfelt gifts. The best part is, your gift will be hung on the wall, so you’ll both be reminded of your special memory every time you see it! Head to your local FastFrame store to create an heirloom-quality custom frame you’ll both fall for.

Become Members

Memberships encourage us to plan outings and support cherished institutions while creating lasting memories with our loved ones. Now that sounds like a great gift! Think about the shared interests you and your partner have. Do you both like outdoor adventures? Get a national parks pass. Are you fanatic about flora? Opt for a membership to your local botanic garden. If you have kids, consider a membership they can enjoy as well, such as the zoo or a favorite museum.

Have a Staycation

If you’re able to celebrate your love with a fancy vacation, good for you! If that’s not exactly in the budget, you can still have a lovely staycation. Clear your schedule and book a local hotel for a few days (have family or friends watch any kids and/or pets so you can focus on your partner). Make things more fun with a theme! Do you both love Paris? Grab a baguette and some brie and watch some romantic French New Wave classics. In such a busy world, it’s nice to slow down and enjoy a few leisurely days in each other’s company.

Make Your Love Note-worthy

What is sweeter than a handwritten love note? Try your hand at expressing your love by putting words to paper. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, as long as it comes from the heart. Write a simple poem or list 20 things you love best about your relationship. If writer’s block strikes, simply write out a famous love poem or quote that symbolizes your love. (For bonus points, get it custom framed at FastFrame—our talented framers can turn your words into an extra special gift that will last as long as your love!)

Grow Together

Fresh-cut flowers are lovely, but they have to be tossed after a week. For something longer-lasting, try a potted plant instead. Head to a local plant store for advice on which options best suit your household’s green thumb skills and available light. Don’t forget to pick out a stylish pot your partner will enjoy! If you own your property, consider getting a perennial plant or bulbs that you can both plant together outside. Either way, your plants will bloom and your love will, too!

Learn Something New

Studies show that when couples learn a new skill together, they strengthen their bond. That’s because learning new things requires us to show vulnerability and support one another—both of which deepen our connection and help maintain a healthy relationship. These days, there are online and in-person classes for everything from cooking and wine-tasting to dancing and learning languages. Just be sure to pick a class that’s new for both of you so you’ll be starting off at the same level.

We hope you’ve enjoyed 6 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas to Celebrate Your Love. If you’re feeling inspired to create a custom-framed anniversary gift, bring your cherished item to your local FastFrame store and our designers will take care of the rest!

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