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5 Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts

5 Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts

5 Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts

This Valentine’s Day, show your sweetheart how much you love them with a gift from the heart.

2020 truly tested many of our relationships—all the more reason make sure your partner knows how much you appreciate them in 2021! We think you can do better than some roses and chocolates from the grocery store, so we’ve put together this list of five simple, yet thoughtful, Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

(Psst… Who says you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re single? You can show some self-love and modify any of our gift ideas!)

Custom Framed with Love

A selfie of you and your partner at a baseball game, a sunset snapped during your favorite vacation together, a photo of your darling pooch or your kids—you probably have hundreds of photos on your phone that would make amazing gifts when custom framed! 

Pick out art or a poster that has a special meaning to you both.  Custom frame it to create a piece you will treasure forever.  Or for a very personal gift, pick out keepsakes you treasure; tickets for a special event you have saved, a concert poster or foreign currency from a memorable trip.

At FastFrame, our in-store designers are experts in turning your precious memories into a beautiful custom framed piece; a perfect gift for a special someone.

Visit your local store today to design your custom framed gift

Get Date Night Right

Finding time for your relationship is tricky, especially when you’re balancing work, family obligations, household duties, caring for kids (or pets), and more! Thinking of fun experiences and ways to bond is a challenge, so why not create a date night jar? Brainstorm a list of new activities and tried-and-true favorites, then write them down on colorful strips of paper, and place them in a mason jar. (Bonus points if you decorate the jar.) Schedule regular date nights and simply pull an idea from the jar for instant romantic inspiration!

Noteworthy Love

Is there anything sweeter than a handwritten love note? Put words to paper and let your partner know how much you care about them. It can be as simple or complex as your writing abilities allow! Try your hand at a poem or write a list of 20 things you love about them. Have a case of writer’s block? Find a famous love poem or quote that resonates with your relationship and let the pros do the talking for you! Whatever you choose, be sure to write it out so it has a personal touch. Then fold it into a card or tuck it away somewhere in the house to surprise and delight them when they find it!  Or even create a lasting gift to treasure by custom framing your words.

Visit your local store today to start designing your gift.

Make Your Mark

Personalized gifts feel so much more thoughtful and unique. Even if you’re not super crafty, you can make a personalized mug for your loved one—it’s easy, we promise! Simply purchase a plain mug and ceramic markers to decorate it with. Then draw a fun pattern or write a cute phrase or inside joke to make your partner smile. (Follow the markers’ directions to set the paint so it won’t come off when you wash up.) Pair the mug with your partner’s favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and you’ve got a truly special gift they’ll actually use!

Infused With Love

Cooking together is a great way for couples to connect and infused oils make the experience even more delicious. Though they can be quite pricey at the store, infused oils are easy and relatively inexpensive to make at home. Find a recipe you like online, then gather the fresh or dried herbs, a light cooking oil, and some pretty bottles to decant the oil in. Follow the recipe instructions for a thoughtful and useful gift you can enjoy together. (If cooking isn’t your thing, try making an infused vodka instead!)

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