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Children’s Artwork on Display

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For centuries, people have decorated their dwelling places with creative expressions. Caves and castles alike have been donned with drawings and paintings which reflect the beauty and tragedy of the human experience. Appreciation for artistic décor remains a valued staple in most homes today. There are many ways to accent your home with artistic design. While some people spend a small (or even a sizeable) fortune on popular art to hang on their walls, many are turning to a new trend in home décor; framing children’s artwork.

Children create artwork from inspirational perception, much like the masters of the ancient days. Artwork that is showcased as a symbol of financial success or social status has its place in the halls of homes or businesses where these things are highly valuable to their owners. However, many people are returning to the original intent of creative expression; art for the sake of art. Children create from a purely reflective disposition. This kind of energy brings the warmth of innocence to any home, while adding a personal touch that cannot be replicated, even by a famous painting.

Framing artwork created by your children allows them to feel cherished, contributive and celebrated in the family home. Crafts that are meticulously completed during the school day and typically tossed into a drawer can instead have a place above the mantel. This allows your home to become a revolving gallery which showcases your child’s latest creative development and inspiration. Themed pieces can be an excellent rainy day project which can overhaul your entire home décor. Choose a color or subject as the focus of your pieces and spend the day creating memories to last a lifetime for your family. Nurseries, playrooms, family rooms, even the kitchen can get a new look with framed pieces by your children.


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