3 Ways to Keep Memories Near

Separation from loved ones is something we all experience. Many parents are processing mixed emotions as kids go off to college. Distance forms as families spread out or parents retire to become snowbirds. A best friend at work might move across the country for a new job. Others, unfortunately, have lost a loved one. If you’re looking for ways to keep the memory of togetherness a little closer, read-on to discover a few ideas.


1. Create Your Own Cookbook

Family gatherings or get-togethers with friends are often centered around food. Your mom may have a signature dish she always brings or there could be lots of meals that remind you of family as you reflect on childhood. Bringing these recipes together into your very own cookbook or custom framing a special recipe is an awesome way to pay homage to that cook in your life. It could even be a great gift for the kids as they move out or a going away present for a friend. There are lots of places online that allow you to create your very own personalized cookbook or you could go for a special DIY version. To custom frame your special recipe, visit your local FastFrame store today.  Bonus points if you have photos making the dish together!


2. Display Textiles and Trinkets

When a loved one has passed, you’re often left with possessions that were special to them or your relationship. To some, it feels appropriate to have these items packed away for some time. Others might enjoy having these items around—especially to introduce little-ones to a family member they might not be able to meet. At FastFrame, we cherish the opportunity to preserve momentos for years to come.

Textiles, quilts, handkerchiefs, and even three dimensional objects can be preserved by custom framing for a lifetime. Your custom framer will be able to walk you through all the special ways to memorialize someone you love. Adding one or a few objects to a gallery wall will be a constant reminder of a special moment. Even if you’re not ready to have objects like these displayed, custom framing is an essential way to preserve items you wish to pass down for future generations to cherish.  




3. Create a Wall of Fame

Cherished photos remind us of fond memories with our loved ones and treasured pieces of art passed-down from family can make us happy every time we look at them. Consider getting some of your favorite pieces custom framed so you can make a unique display that adds warmth and personality to your home. There are so many gallery wall options!

Such as–have you ever been to a restaurant with headshots of famous guests on the walls? There is so much history in such wall displays. Create your very own “wall of fame” at home! We don’t necessarily mean putting signed portraits of every guest on your wall (although that could be a cool, on-going project!). We’re thinking collections of framed scenes of those special moments with loved ones will make your dining room feel enveloped in those warm and cozy memories long into the future. For tips on mixing frame styles, materials, and colors as you create your “Wall of Fame”
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