6 Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Office

Many folks who have been working from home for over a year are now transitioning back to the office. While some of the changes are welcome (no more toddlers interrupting important client meetings or needy pets demanding attention while you’re trying to type!), you’ll likely miss some of the perks of working from home. To help ease your transition, we came up with six decor ideas that will brighten your day and help you feel more comfortable as you readjust to office life!

Frame Happy Photos

Being back at the office means you won’t be spending as much time with your family or pets at home. While you probably can’t physically bring them into the office, you can bring photos of them to make you smile throughout your day. You’ll spend a lot of time looking at these pictures, so don’t settle for cheap frames! Opt for lovely custom frames that you can hang to keep your desk clear. If you don’t have wall space, choose nice desktop frames in smaller sizes.

Grow Roots!

With so much extra time spent at home over the past year, many of us decided to try gardening or welcoming house plants into our spaces. Why not bring some of that greenery to the office? Plants freshen the air and add a homey feel. Bonus—fun plant pots are a great opportunity to bring in some color and express your style! We think there’s an office plant out there for everyone, just do a quick online search for easy-care options that will thrive with the available light.

Stay Inspired

Who couldn’t use a little extra inspiration at work? Look for artwork featuring wise words from a favorite author or simply an inspirational quote that speaks to you. Try browsing an online marketplace for original art or a print that you can custom frame, then hang it so it can motivate you throughout your day. If you don’t have wall space, consider a desk calendar with inspirational quotes for each day.

Accessorize Your Desk

Staplers don’t have to be boring! Nice desk accessories that you actually want to use are a great way to brighten your day at work. Treat yourself to a well-designed suite of desk essentials, like a paper organizer, stapler, tape dispenser, and paper clips. Choose colorful folders, notebooks, and pens that are a pleasure to use. And don’t forget about tech accessories! Get a sleek mouse and a stylish monitor stand to take your desk decor to the next level.

Get Cozy

While you probably can’t spend the workday on a sofa in your sweatpants anymore, you can still get comfortable at the office! Think about what makes you feel cozy at home and see if you can make it office-appropriate. If the air conditioning makes you chilly, keep a stylish throw on hand to wrap around your shoulders. Instead of using the boring office cups, bring a beloved mug from home and keep your favorite tea on hand so you can enjoy a nice cuppa in the afternoon.


Fluorescent office lights can be harsh and uninviting, especially compared to the cozy glow of your lighting at home. Poor lighting can also leave you feeling drowsy and drained, so you want to make sure your workspace is well lit. If you have room for it, try incorporating a table lamp—the light will give you a boost of energy while giving your desk a warm and inviting feel. A beautiful lamp can act as the perfect statement piece, adding visual interest to your office space.

Be sure to try our decor ideas to head back to the office with pep in your step! Custom framing enhances many of these tips, so be sure to stop by your local FastFrame store.

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