6 Fresh & Fun Home Decor Ideas for Spring

Spring is here at last! Many people like to declutter and do a deep clean at this time of year, so why not give your decor a refresh while you’re at it? We have plenty of fresh and fun spring decor ideas that are both easy and budget-friendly. No matter what your style, our simple tips will inspire you to give your home a spring makeover. So join us as we welcome the warmer weather with cheerful colors, energizing art, greenery, and nature-inspired accents!

Uplifting art

Artwork featuring flora and fauna can add a lovely touch of spring to your decor. Go for uplifting art that feels fresh while referencing rebirth and renewal in the natural world. Botanicals, butterflies, birds, and woodland creatures are all excellent subject matter. Try naturalist illustrations for a vintage vibe or a more abstracted style for a modern look. Be sure to get your art custom framed for a truly unique display!

Fresh Fabrics

During the winter months, we tend to decorate our home with heavier textiles, often in cool or darker colors. For a spring makeover, swap winter textiles for lighter and brighter styles. You can change out pillows, throws, tablecloths, curtains, and bed linens for options made from midweight and lightweight fabrics. Look for peppy pastels and bright, cheerful hues and be sure to mic in some fun patterns.

Pleasing plants

Bringing plants into your home is a fabulous way to welcome spring! Houseplants add a lovely element of greenery and studies have found that they can reduce stress levels and boost creativity. What’s not to love? Try hanging planters for a boho vibe or vintage crocks for a farmhouse look. There’s a houseplant out there for everyone, just do a quick online search to see which ones best suit your lifestyle and available light.

Wonderful walls

Inject life into your space with a few coats of paint in a cheery color! It’s a simple and inexpensive way to give your room a whole new look. If you’re nervous about trying a new color, tape a larger swatch onto the wall and see how it looks throughout the day—lighting can have a big effect on how you perceive the color. Once you’ve found the right hue, you can paint the entire room or keep it simple and do one accent wall.

Office upgrade

Don’t forget to give your home office some love! Natural elements like plants and flowers have been shown to boost productivity in work environments, so bring some spring blooms into your workspace. And don’t limit yourself to standard bouquets, flowering branches and even dried flowers look just as lovely! (Psst… if allergies keep you admiring flowers from a distance, consider custom-framed floral art instead.)

Shelf style

Rearranging your shelves is a quick and effective way to refresh a room. Mantels, bookcases, wall shelves, the top of cabinets—they can all come to life with a little bit of styling. Simply rearrange the objects you already own and add in a handful of seasonal elements. Some styling ideas: a vase with flowers, houseplants, spring-themed artwork, decorative objects in pastels, candles with fresh scents, and beloved books.


We hope you’re feeling inspired to give your home a spring makeover! Beautifully framed artwork is an essential for any decor refresh, so be sure to stop by a FastFrame store for all your custom-framing needs! If you’re looking for more design advice, check out The Best New Interior Design Trends of 2023.