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New Year, New Decor

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The new year is a popular time to make changes; a time to be original, creative, sentimental, and expressive. Why not channel these positive energies into your home décor?

A one-of-a-kind, cohesive, effortless look is what many homeowners dream of achieving. Below are a few ideas that will inspire the inner interior designer, decorator, and homemaker in you.

  • Create your own home gallery through memories, souvenirs and trinkets brought back from your recent vacations, travels, and getaways. Collect a few prints, photos, or pieces of artwork that caught your eye and create a travel blog that can be showcased in your home. Depending on the style of your home, the collection can be a minimalist approach, a tribal pattern, or a color inspired series that suits the established vibe of your home.
  • For the photographer, fashion your own photo exhibit throughout the house containing the most treasured shots of beautiful sceneries, historical landmarks, culture, symbols, or whatever calls to the talented and expressive artist inside. Your home and passion for photography will become all the more special when you are surrounded by memories you love and masterpieces that you can display all year long.
  • Have a favorite kimono, sari, or other textile that you fell in love with during an excursion, but not sure how to incorporate it into your lifestyle? Why not frame the cultural gem and display in your home? 3D artwork just turned fashionista.
  • When evaluating your bedroom decor, look to artwork as your chance to be expressive, to inject and radiate the true and beautiful unique you. One simple and solid focal point above the bed is a great way to start. This gives a simplistic and gallery-like look, where a series of canvases or frames can give a more comfortable and intimate look.

Stay tuned for more savvy and creative ways to decorate your home, incorporating artwork, frames, photography, 3D art, shadowboxes, metal work, and textiles to customize your home in 2017

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