Memorabilia Framing, Carson City

Framing Precious Memories

The definition of “Memorabilia” is an item or items that evoke a pleasant or loving memory from times past. At FastFrame, we respect those items that you treasure. Our design consultants will recommend custom frames, matting and mounting techniques that show off your memorabilia at its best. For memorabilia of a sentimental nature, upon which we cannot truly place a value, we offer Preservation Plus Framing, which will help protect your memories over time.

Memorabilia framing is how we preserve your memories. Whether your passion is sports jerseys, stamps, puzzles, foreign currency, ticket stubs, concert posters or childhood milestones, our professional framing services will keep your wonderful memories alive.

What's Our Process?

Just as each piece of art is unique, so is each customer.
When you visit our FastFrame location, your custom framing experience will be
personalized and friendly. Here are the steps we take when you visit our location:

Learn Your Needs

Our design consultants get to know your tastes and the look you want to achieve before getting started on the design.

Create A Design

We will explore all your framing options with you, and then work to create a unique, custom frame design.

Handcraft Your Frames

Once you and your consultant have chosen a design, we begin handcrafting your custom frame.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you don’t absolutely love the result, we will recraft the frame, within the same price range, at no additional cost to you within the first 30 days!