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I am so lucky!

I am so lucky, I love what I do! I design custom picture framing and I love what I do. I love working with color—It calms me and brings clarity and joy to my surroundings. Let me show you what I mean.
When I walk into this lobby, the sun is shining no matter what is happening
outside. I like sun, so I smile. It also tells me a little about the company I am

visiting. They care about the mental health of their employees and they care about the first impression the company is making on their visitors. Hmmm, I like dealing with intelligent, caring people.

Kid’s art brings me joy. Designer Amy Oppedisano (@studio_o_interiors) combined her sons’ art with his passion and my bet is that this wall makes him smile. Did you know the white picture framing is making a come back?

Personally, my favorite art is one with a nature theme, especially if the artist has given me a different way of looking at the subject. Here, the birds are actually a needle work.
Frequently, I stop in front of this piece and just stare. It has a unique depth and vibrant colors and yet it could fit almost anywhere.

Then of course there are those of you who simply enjoy color and pattern for its own sake, so the custom framing in these pictures is clean and sleek. The color alone brings calm and maybe respite from a busy day. The repetitive pattern brings focus and clarity—all subliminal, of course.

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