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4 Steps to a Designer 4th of July

4 Steps to a Designer 4th of July

Hotdogs and hamburgers aren’t the only way to celebrate the Fourth of July. We picked the brains of our favorite designers to bring y’all some fun projects for around the house or apartment to create some Independence Day buzz!

1. Rotating Gallery Wall for the Entryway

Visit your nearest FastFrame to get started with a seasonal gallery wall for Independence Day! Keeping high-visibility areas like entries and high-traffic hallways fresh for each season is a fun way to celebrate while ensuring they don’t become boring. Just as a gallery wall is one of the easiest ways to transform any room and show off your best art, they are especially impactful for holidays. Our gallery wall custom frames take just a few minutes to order and are incredibly easy to get up on the wall.

Begin by curating art! Search old family snapshots of celebratory picnics past. Have the children create some red, white, and blue finger paintings. Purchase prints of American landmarks that commemorate this day. FastFrame is then here to get your pieces framed up and ready to hang. Our designers can even help you create a template to arrange your custom-framed pieces, enabling you to get them on the wall in a zip! Plus—once the nails are in the wall, you’re all set to switch out your pieces each season!

2. Perform a Pillow Swap

Swapping out the pillows on your sectional or couch is probably the quickest and easiest way to switch up your seasonal decor and get ready for the next holiday. There’s no better time than a summer holiday like the Fourth to get started. Finding Independence Day themed decorations that blend with your decor can be a challenge—not everyone wants a star-spangled wreath on the wall or old-fashioned figurines sitting about.

To start, we recommend pillow covers—not actual pillows. Your storage space for seasonal items is probably limited, so you might not have room to house lots of extra pillows that only get used for a few months of the year. Also because—kids (and pets)! Nothing stays clean with the children around and with covers, cleaning is so much easier! For Independence Day, add in some classic red, white, and blue colors for a fun pop that will have you feeling festive all month!

3. Frame-a-Flag

Sure, the American flags looks great atop a pole or hanging from a balcony—but why should the outdoors have all the fun! Bring your flag inside and give it new life in a custom frame. A large flag looks great float mounted in one of our frames custom-made to match your decor perfectly. While having a framed flag is a great addition to your decor anytime of year, there’s no better time than Independence Day to let freedom ring indoors!

FastFrame is here to be your holiday helper in home decorating! Folded, unfurled, matted, or in a shadowbox, the framing styles are nearly endless. That’s where working with a custom framer to help determine what is right for you comes in handy! Once complete, you’ll be feeling quite festive as you hang your newly-framed flag above your sofa or bed to tie into those red, white, and blue pillows (now’s the time to go back to step 2 if you skipped ahead!).

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4. Celebrate!

The fourth step to creating a designer Fourth is…nothing! After creating an Independence Day themed gallery wall, putting out some festive throw pillows, and framing a vintage flag—our place was looking pretty Fourth of July festive! Now it’s time to focus on enjoying the holiday and spending time with those you love. From all of us here at FastFrame, Happy Fourth of July!

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