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Swap Green Beer for Green Paint

Swap Green Beer for Green Paint

What better way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day than to bring something green into your home? Whether it’s a gallon of green paint or stylish green accessories—we’ve got some decor ideas that will remain much more timeless than your pint of green beer! Although uncertain of where to start, many folks love the idea of having a colorful home. So on this Saint Patrick’s Day, put the worries to the side—for it’s green to the rescue! 

We have some great tips for color newbies that will make it easy to incorporate as much or as little green into your home as you like. With our expert guidance, you’ll be trading gray tones for sage (or even emerald!) green in no time. With its connection to nature, green tends to be the most liked and accepted of all colors. Plus, almost any shade can be easily slipped into a room because of its neutral tendencies. Want to achieve harmony, impact, and warmth in your space? Check ALL of these boxes with green.



Now that we’ve hopefully given you the encouragement to go green, how do you actually introduce this color into your home? The simplest way is to start with decor that makes an impact, but is easy to swap—think pillows, curtains, and rugs. Textiles are a great, low-commitment way to test out a new color. You can try out green while adding pattern, texture, and warmth to your space—all without breaking the bank!


If you want your room to look more subdued, it’s okay to utilize white, beige, or gray to anchor your space. Just add in green vases, trays, potted plants, and even a potted tree. These are great low-cost options for adding in green—giving you a vibrant yet balanced space. One of the most impactful ways to add green is by swapping out art in your home. Choose a piece that features lush, green landscapes or bold, abstract strokes of green—just make sure to utilize your custom framer. They can help you add pops of green to the piece with an accent mat and unique molding.


If you’re really feeling the green, you might be ready to move beyond accessories. However—we always recommend that you take fabric and paint samples home to see how they look in your space before making big furniture purchases or mixing paint. The trick is to leave the samples in your room for a few days to see what your shade of green looks like in the different types of lighting throughout the day.


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Want to incorporate green with other colors as well, but unsure of what colors to combine it with? To create a clean space that isn’t too overloaded, we recommend you combine it with soft colors such as beige, white, pastel yellow, and light pink. The result is a space that conveys serenity, peace and calm, which is perfect for promoting relaxation. For a more eclectic look, don’t hold back—paint the walls a vibrant green, hang up a funky gallery wall, go for bold curtains of a complementing color, and get that green velvet sofa! You’ll find that the more you play with green in your home, the more comfortable you’ll feel mixing and matching different elements to create a vibrant space.


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