Give Baby the Nursery of YOUR Dreams!

Let’s design a space for your new little one that will be appointed for them, but will also be a space you want to spend time in. New parents setting up a nursery for the first time often get the necessities checked off the list, but drop the ball when it comes to adding in design elements. Start planning this space early so that you can decorate it properly—creating a room that will be relaxing for you during those future times of stress and sleep deprivation.

Location, Location!

Think about how you’ll use the nursery and the proximity to your bedroom. What is the traffic flow like in your home? Will other family members be walking past the baby’s room at night? You’ll probably want to choose a quiet corner of the home not surrounded by activity. Give your new little one an adequate-sized room and rethink other spaces in your home if available—there’s no need to squeeze the crib, changing table, and a comfy chair into a tiny room if there’s a spacious & rarely-used guest room down the hall! You’ll be spending many hours in the nursery, so make sure the physical space is the right fit for you and baby.

Room With A View.

If possible, choose a room with a big window to position your rocking chair in front of. You’ll enjoy natural light during feedings and nap times, plus will have something interesting to look at as you try to get baby off to sleep. If it’s not possible to be by a window, hang some beautiful custom-framed art or photos near your chair and throughout the room so you’ll still have something nice to look at. FastFrame has lovely custom frames sure to enhance the walls of your nursery. And they don’t have to be baby-themed! Photos of national parks and wistfully painted landscapes work too (and might be a bit more enjoyable for you!)


A mess of diaper boxes, wipes, lotions, toys, and onsies is definitely not a great view to have in this room and it won’t foster a relaxing sleep space. Lovely storage cabinets, cubbies, bins, and armoires will keep your nursery looking tidy and stylish.


Make It Feel Like Home.

Many folks hate to spend much of their budget on the nursery, focusing down the road when the room will be re-done as their child grows. But your baby’s room doesn’t have to be a placeholder for what might change later—this is your space too in this moment and it can also reflect you! Start by painting the walls any hue that you find calm and soothing.


Next, consider how you’ll be using the space and what things you’ll be needing at your fingertips. Will this mainly be a playroom? Will there be a changing table and crib? Or will the crib be in your bedroom? Whatever these answers are, find stylish and functional furniture that fulfills those needs and brings you joy. Finally, add the touch of custom-framed art and photos that will keep you jovial and relaxed during these busy times. Visit FastFrame for unique custom frames to put the finishing touch on the nursery.


Lie Down.

You might rather not admit how much time you’ll probably be spending out of your own bedroom or away from your partner and in the nursery at night. But the truth is, you’ll end up spending many nights in this room. A comfy, padded rocker or recliner can prevent waking up sore in the morning. If you’ve got the space, a daybed or futon could be a great addition! The good news is that there are recliners and even futons out there that are well-designed, comfy, and stylish!

We do hear that babies grow up in a flash—so you might want to get a jump start on thinking of ways to frame their soon-to-come art projects. Check out 6 Tips for Framing Kids’ Art now and be ready to make them feel like true artists!