8 Reasons Dad Wants a Custom-Framed Gift for Father’s Day

There are so many different types of dads—and there are so many different types of Dad’s Day gifts. So, what’s one thing that will please any dad? Custom-framing! Whether dad is into sports, music, vintage memorabilia, family history (or anything else!) you can create a custom-framed gift that he’ll truly love. Each one of our thoughtful ideas comes from the heart and is sure to make dad feel loved and celebrated this Father’s Day and beyond!

Show off his team spirit

If dad never misses a game, create a custom-framed gift featuring his favorite sports team. You can frame a snapshot from the stadium, sports trading cards, or an autographed jersey. You can even create a shadow box with ticket stubs and that baseball he caught in the stands—the options are endless! 

Nurture his nostalgia

Is dad a nostalgic collector? If his treasures are gathering dust in a cabinet, turn them into a custom-framed gift. It’s the perfect way to display all of dad’s beloved collections. Bottle caps, vintage ads, baseball cards, campaign buttons—you name it, they all look fantastic when custom-framed!



Frame a family memory

Dad may pretend otherwise, but he’s just as sappy as the rest of us, and he would love a framed family photo! Choose a favorite and give it that custom-framed flourish. Can’t choose just one? Opt for a mat with multiple cutouts so you can display several memories in one beautifully-designed frame. 

Make him feel special

Was dad a standout college athlete? Did he put in extra hours to earn a Master’s degree? Was he recognized for going the extra mile at work? Honor those special accomplishments by custom-framing medals, awards, certificates, and more. Dad will be proud to display his achievements and let the walls do the bragging for him! 

Face the music

There are a plethora of custom-framed gift options for a music-loving dad, no matter what station he likes to listen to! Concert tickets, album covers, sheet music, tour posters, festival wristbands, and even concert tees can all get the custom-framing treatment, turning them into gifts that pay tribute to great music and fun times. 

Get artsy and bookish

Some dads prefer gallery walks and libraries to stadiums and fishing trips! If your dad is a lover of arts and literature, there are a myriad of custom-framed gifts he would adore. Frame artwork from a favorite artist or a poster from a museum exhibition. A framed quote from a beloved author or a cherished poem are fantastic ideas for literary dads.We do hear that babies grow up in a flash—so you might want to get a jump start on thinking of ways to frame their soon-to-come art projects. Check out 6 Tips for Framing Kids’ Art now and be ready to make them feel like true artists!


Honor his roots

Your dad’s family history is part of what made him who he is today. If he’s interested in genealogy, custom-frame a family tree or some vintage family photos. If dad is extra proud of his heritage, custom-frame a flag, a picture of his hometown, or artwork featuring his last name. He’ll love displaying gifts that celebrate who he is!

Give handmade art

Nothing will bring a smile to dad’s face like handmade artwork made just for him! Create a photo collage or have the kids make a crayon masterpiece. Not a crafty family? Order custom art featuring family members, a childhood home, or a beloved pet from a local artist or an online marketplace. Have it custom-framed to turn it into an extra special gift.

Be sure to head to FastFrame for all your custom-framing needs! Our talented designers will help you create a gift that dad will adore for years to come.