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7 Clever Ways to Custom Frame Floral Art for Spring

7 Clever Ways to Custom Frame Floral Art for Spring

Spring is here and nature’s beautiful blooms are on display. Looking for a way to capture some of that magic indoors? Try custom-framing floral artwork! No matter what your style—traditional, modern, vintage—there’s floral art that will look lovely in your home. We came up with seven clever ideas for freshening up your space with custom-framed floral artwork. Read on and get inspired!

Eclectic illustration

People with eclectic homes can embrace all kinds of different floral art, from elegant oil paintings and charming watercolors to interesting photos and funky prints! We especially like pairing unusual floral illustrations with unexpected mats and frames. Eclectic picture frames often feature fun elements like bright colors, interesting textures, and delightful patterns, so don’t hold back when choosing your custom framing options. And you don’t need to stop at one piece—a whole floral-themed gallery wall featuring a mashup of styles would look sensational in an eclectic home!

Whimsical pressed flowers

Pressed flowers add a dose of natural whimsy to your walls. This craft has been popular for decades it’s easy to see why—it’s easy, inexpensive, and yields beautiful results. Try your hand at it with a flower pressing kit, then enhance your creation with the perfect custom frame! (Don’t worry if you’re not into DIY, you can also buy pre-made pressed flower art.) If your pressed flowers are paired with handmade paper, you may want to do a float frame to show off the textured edges. Otherwise, pair it with a mat or two and a natural wood frame.

Traditional still life

Many traditional homes feature floral design elements, so adding flower-inspired artwork just makes sense! Still life paintings featuring an abundance of florals and fruit exude classic elegance while adding warmth to your walls. (If an original painting is out of your budget, opt for a print instead.) This type of traditional art looks amazing with sophisticated frames featuring fine materials and timeless design. Try an ornate style with a luxurious gold leaf finish or go for understated elegance with a simpler frame made from beautiful hardwood.

Boho botanicals

Florals feel right at home in a bohemian-inspired space. Botanical prints are a lovely way to incorporate a flower theme and (bonus!) they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to find. There are plenty of vintage options and modern reproductions available at flea markets and online marketplaces. Poster-size prints often look best with full-bleed framing (no matting), while we like to pair smaller designs with multiple mats to make them stand out. Opt for a natural wood frame to enhance the boho vibe.

Vintage textiles

One of the best things about custom framing is the ability to frame so many different types of items. That means there’s a whole world of possibilities when it comes to decorating your walls with floral decor! Textiles and needlecrafts are often overlooked, but we think they’re a great way to add dimension, texture, and color to your home. There are so many options featuring fun florals—silk scarves, vintage fabric, embroideries, and more! No matter what type of textile you choose, your custom framer will pick the right mounting technique to make sure it’s beautifully displayed and stays properly affixed to the backing.

Contemporary photography

Contrary to popular belief floral decor does not have to be old-fashioned and stuffy! If your style leans more modern and minimal, you can still indulge in the floral trend via contemporary photography or digital art. Check out galleries online and in-person for pieces that speak to you. (If you have an interest in photography or digital art, you can even create your own photos and artwork!) To keep the look modern, we suggest skipping the mats and sticking with simple frame options.


Eclectic design

Eclectic decor is a beautiful mashup of many different styles. An eclectic home is full of colors, artwork, interesting objects, and unique furniture that make the space feel energized and inviting. There is often an element of maximalism as eclectic interiors tend to showcase many different collections. Eclectic picture frames often feature fun elements like bright colors, interesting textures, and delightful patterns. Because eclectic style involves juxtaposing elements you wouldn’t expect together, it yields some spectacular frame and artwork combos. Modern art with a gilded traditional frame or an oil painting with a sleek chrome frame would both work in an eclectic interior.


Feeling inspired to create your own custom-framed floral decor? Head to your local FastFrame store today! If you’re looking for more decorating ideas, check out 6 Fresh and Fun Home Decor Ideas for Spring.

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