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FastFrame Owner Spotlight: Carol Meyer

Carol MeyerSerendipity played a role in Carol Meyer’s decision to go into the custom framing business. She wanted a local business and was researching the possibility of a franchise. On her first call with FastFrame, she learned that the Austin FastFrame owner had announced the day before that he was retiring.

It was a custom-made match. Carol enjoys getting to know the customers that come into FastFrame Austin and the stories behind their treasure.

“Our clients have such cool stuff, and we get to know them and their families over time,” she said.

Every FastFrame store is committed to personal interaction with its customers and Carol says being able to play a joyous role in people’s lives is one of the best parts of the business.

She notes that no one ever has to frame something, so it’s always a positive purchase. Carol and her team work hard to make the whole experience a positive one as well.

She focuses on creating a good work environment and team dynamic, along with giving her team interesting work to do. Her team turns out amazing finished products and provides excellent service, so she’s committed to supporting them.

The whole team goes the extra mile for their clients, which keeps happy customers coming back and referring their friends. Carol says that this direct engagement with customers and the community is how she grows her business.

But it’s not hard to engage with your customers when they are delightful, as Carol says her store’s customers are. And she loves helping clients make a keepsake out of a treasured memory that means so much to them.

One of her favorite stories is a gentleman who worked on the 2000 Presidential election.

“He brought in a velvet-lined pen box, but when he opened it up, we had to point out that there wasn’t a pen inside,” she said. He had them look closer, and there was a very tiny piece of paper—a hanging chad from a ballot.

“We framed it in a velvet lined memory box with a magnifying glass and a plaque,” Carol said.

Carol is already thinking about the future of custom framing. She knows that great marketing is vital and that they have to keep clients when they walk through the door. Broadening their reach with a wider product range and meet the needs of the design community are critical as well.

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