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5 Tips to Get Your Gallery Wall Started

Gallery walls are a fashionable way to display your personal photos and memorabilia. You can display as many photos as you want in a way that’s both effective and visually appealing. These dynamic displays appeal to our natural human preference for symmetry and balance. They make a room feel full without making it feel overwhelming.  

But, finding the right balance can be tricky. At FastFrame, our professional designers and framers can give you the ultimate insight on your project.

Here are a few tips to help you create the gallery wall of your dreams:

Custom Framing Gallery Wall


1. Choose a Central Theme/Color Scheme

Not all your photos or art pieces have to contain the exact same colors. However, we do suggest picking a central theme and sticking to it, particularly surrounding color temperatures.

Try to avoid mixing warm and cool tones, and maintain a solid theme across pieces. Use colors from your room decor so your gallery wall looks at home.

For example, the gallery wall in this room is centered on black and gold hues, the room’s existing furniture and accents. The pieces chosen are diverse, but the central color theme pulls them together.


2. Select Complementary Frames

Not everything in your gallery wall has to match exactly.  Most homes are eclectic in the selection of frames and artwork.  With that being said, you still do not want to stray too far from a central theme. Experiment with shapes, sizes, and textures to find the best look for your space.

By working with our professional designers at your local FastFrame, you can select frames that keep your wall looking organized instead of cluttered. Our designers have a skilled eye and can make expert recommendations on factors like matting, moulding, and even unique features that are unavailable in the “ready-made” frame aisle.





3. Set Aside Time for the Project

Designing your frames and deciding on an arrangement for your gallery wall may take longer than you think.  Your precious photos and memorabilia deserve to be framed and displayed in a manner that is not only visually appealing, but in a way that expresses the importance you have placed on them.  When designing your gallery wall, patience is key. Planning and implementation may take a bit longer, but it is well worth the time you’ll invest in the project. 

At FastFrame, we will take whatever time necessary to ensure your gallery wall is everything you wish it to be.  Custom framing will give you the finished look that complements your featured pieces alongside your room and furnishings.


4. Create Templates

Visualizing your completed gallery wall may be a bit difficult, especially if you have a large quantity of frames.  By using templates, you can get a view of how the completed wall will look.  Begin by tracing your frames onto wrapping or butcher paper and cutting them out.  Then, using painter’s tape, attach the templates to the wall to plot out your vision.  Make adjustments and experiment with different arrangements until you are satisfied with the look and feel of your gallery wall.  It’s a quick, no-risk way to make sure your wall comes out clean, not cluttered. When deciding on your templates placements, keep measurements consistent and placements balanced.  And above all, don’t start hammering until you’re satisfied!




5. Don’t be Afraid to Add Eclectic Items

Diversity is part of what makes a gallery wall great! Include photos and frames of all shapes and sizes. Work with different types of matting and throw in non-framed items like monograms or signs. Mixing things up can add a lot of dimension to your wall.


Most importantly, approach your gallery wall with love. Whether it’s art, photography, pictures of your family, you love these pieces – they mean a lot to you. By treating them with patience and precision, you can bring a new level of comfort to your home.  Custom framing will give your images the presentation they deserve.