Spring Cleaning!

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Spring cleaning? Refresh your framing!

As the old adage goes…out with the old and in with the new! As the weather warms up, we begin to clear the cobwebs of winter, freshening up our homes and purging items to which we no longer take a fancy. This, too, may be applied to any framed items in your home.

Perhaps you inherited a family heirloom painting that you cherish but have never been really crazy about the frame it came housed in. We can carefully disassemble the current framing and help you create a look more suited to your sensibilities.

Or maybe you framed your diploma, graduation or wedding photo with a premade frame once upon a time, and you’d like to spruce it up with some color and a new style. We can help you rethink and redesign to attain an updated look.

Color, texture and style are all important things to consider when crafting a look to house your most cherished items. Framing incorporates many components to help achieve a custom look:

* Moulding—from real hardwood to country rustic to vintage ornate to modern lacquer, we have thousands of styles and colors from which to choose

* Matting—acid-free, pH-balanced paper, cotton rag, metallic, suede or other specialty fabrics

* Liners and fillets—linen and wood inserts that we stack inside moulding and mats to create more dimension, texture and color

* Glazing—glass or acrylic, including premium-grade UV-protection or non-glare options

Each photo, painting, or memorabilia item deserves its own unique setting that both enhances the piece and makes you happy each time you look at it. We aim to achieve both of these desired affects by working with you to design options. These options can include a variety of the aforementioned components to suit your wants and needs. And we can assure you we rarely do the same things twice! Custom framing is just that…customized to match your individualized tastes and goals.

So during your spring cleaning purge, instead of parting with your favorite photo or piece of art simply because the frame has become lackluster…why not refresh your framing? Come visit us today for a customized consultation.

Here’s an example of a framing refresh we just did…

Subject: Two wildflower pencil drawing prints.

Before: Double-mat (top: dark green, bottom: burgundy) with a bright gold metal frame.

Diagnosis: Framing and mat choices overpower the subject; customer looking to brighten up and pull out accent colors from the florals.

After: To soften up the piece, we started by replacing the top mat with a light yellowish green, trimming down mat width, and then replacing the frame with a 1” country rustic in a bold denim blue to bring out the blue- and purple-hue highlights.

What a difference a mat color and a frame change can make!


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