Weddings, Graduations and Vacations…Oh, My!

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Summer is the season for so many celebratory events, each of which are documented in different ways. At graduation we receive diplomas, and other special commendations, and wear caps with tassels. At weddings we exchange vows, sign certificates and wear something fanciful for the occasion. On vacation, we purchase something special and unique to the place we have visited as a special reminder of our travels. And, of course, we take pictures at all!

There are many ways to create a keepsake for each of these events, all of which can become décor for your either your home or office space. Let us help you create a custom design to commemorate your special event!

Here are a few custom pieces we have done for our customers to get the ideas flowing.

Have a festive summer! And congratulations to all the grads and newlyweds!



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