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Custom Framing Turns the Ordinary Gift-worthy

Custom Framing Turns the Ordinary Gift-worthy

From the frame, to the mat, to the glazing—a custom frame is truly a handcrafted masterpiece on its own. While custom framing is the best way to protect priceless art, you can really transform anything you’d like into beautiful wall art if you custom frame it! As the holiday season approaches and your list of presents to buy looms large—why not frame something? There are multitudes of simple items you can turn into swoon-worthy gifts when you put them under glazing and in a handcrafted frame.


One of our designers received a beautifully framed map of Paris as a gift several years ago, and he never stops talking about it. His friend had found it folded up at an estate sale and remembered how much he loved Paris and that his family was from there. She had it framed and gave it to him as a gift that holiday—and you can be certain it’s the only gift he still remembers that year.

Great gifts do that—make you remember, shows you the giver really cares and really knows you. Whether it’s where the person grew up, their favorite national park, or their favorite city—there’s no better way to create wall art with meaning than with a map, custom framed at your local FastFrame.

Vintage hankies and scarves

Sure Grandma’s hanky will have extra sentimental value, but this idea works for a friend as well. Maybe the two of you love to go thrifting and it’s a crocheted hanky from that ONE thrift shop you both love. Or it could be a beautiful vintage scarf featuring their favorite colors and patterns—no matter the specifics, framed textiles look beautiful on the wall and will be sure to elevate your loved one’s gallery wall with a special memory.

Pages from old books

Does your friend love Emily Dickinson? Do they go weak at the knees reading her poetry? Find an old book of poems and carefully remove a couple favorites. Not only will these aged pages look gorgeous in a frame, but their favorite poem will always be right there. If your friend doesn’t love the great poets, you can choose any old illustrations or passages that might resonate with your loved one. What a great heartfelt way to show you care!


We have a friend who always takes the coaster from that first date at the bar—“this could be a great memento one day,” she says. While it might not always work out, when it does it’s a great gift down the road. Your custom framer can even frame the coaster along with an Instagram photo from the evening for a gift that’ll show off your sentimental side. Now, if you haven’t been saving those first date coasters—this idea also works to memorialize that cafe from a friend’s trip to Italy or that special wine tasting room your sister loves.

Recipe cards

If your loved one enjoys cooking, gift them Grandma’s chocolate pie recipe or your famous spaghetti bolognese recipe—and not just written out on a card. Immortalize the favorite family recipe by having it custom-framed! You can frame an original copy or make your own version by typing it up, choosing a fun font, and printing it on nice paper—all turning it into a memento your loved one can hand down to future generations.

Pressed leaves

Are you and your partner moving to a new city? Your friend moving to the other coast? Select some leaves from that big neighborhood tree and press them between wax paper in the pages of a heavy book. When the holidays roll back around your partner will be delighted with your special gift that brings back those memories of your first place together. Ship the framed leaf to your friend that moved for a memory of their old home to decorate the wall of their new apartment.

Old Jerseys

If you have cherished memories of going to the ballpark or sitting court-side with your grandfather or an old friend, consider custom framing some beloved sports memorabilia as a gift. It will honor a favorite team while conjuring those happy moments and elevating the decor on his bedroom wall! You can frame an autographed jersey or create a shadow box of inexpensive items like ticket stubs or that baseball he caught in the stands—the options are endless! Simply bring your memorabilia to your local FastFrame store and our talented framers will create a custom display that will have your loved one cheering this holiday season!

Whether one of these ideas resonated with you or were a starting point to think outside the box a bit when it comes to custom framing, the key is whatever you frame means something to the person you give it to. Art is one of the best gifts, and custom framing can transform just about any object into priceless art.

Visit your nearest FastFrame store to start framing the perfect gift. Our FastFrame designers can advise the best mat and moulding combination to make your gift extra special.

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