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New Year’s Resolutions for a Happy Home

New Year’s Resolutions for a Happy Home

Another year is coming to an end. Perhaps New Year’s has you pondering ways to achieve your health, fitness, and financial goals for the year. As you’re making resolutions though, give some thought to whether you have a solid foundation to make those goals a reality. Thriving at work, school, or in relationships is much easier if you have a soft place to land after a long day.

For New Year’s 2022, we’re offering up a checklist of home improvement resolutions that will be a springboard to help you realize those personal improvements to health and happiness. Join us as we shine some light into those spaces in all of our homes that are often overlooked, despite having the ability to greatly impact our daily lives.

Entryway Resolution: Keep shoes and boots under control.

What you first see upon entering your home can set the tone for your mood and productivity for the remainder of the day. A few simple improvements will give you and your guests a warm welcome. Start by choosing a bold paint color and hanging a piece of art that really speaks to you. The designers at your local FastFrame will help you choose the perfect mat color and frame finish that will complement not only the art, but your new wall color.

Now that you’re being greeted by some artwork that immediately brings you joy, slide in a storage bench for some functionality. The addition of a small cabinet for coats and hats is another great option if space allows. For larger families, allow only two sets of footwear downstairs at a time per person and have your kids take everything else to store in their own rooms. No one wants to be greeted by a messy pile of shoes as soon as they enter the home.

Workspace Resolution: Keep mail and files in one place

Not everyone has the space for a dedicated office, especially those living in apartments. Even if you have an office upstairs, a simple nook near the entrance can really help to keep you organized. This will be a great spot to store keys, cards, letters, bills, and circulars. No one wants these items piling up on the kitchen table or taking up valuable workspace on the counter. 

We love the idea of this workspace being a compact, high table top paired with a stool. Add a trio of custom framed photos of favorite travel destinations centered above and a small floral arrangement on the tabletop to really make this moment pop. Assign one spot (a drawer or desktop organizer) for all mail and set aside some time weekly to go through the pile, immediately throwing away junk and filing away the rest.

Bathroom Resolution: Ban clutter and make cleaning easy

From those moments in the morning that start your day or as you make your way through a nighttime skincare routine, we all spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom. Maintaining orderly bathroom shelves and cabinets will ensure this chunk of time frees your mind from any stress or anxiety. Start by placing makeup brushes, hair tools, and smaller items in containers and purging any unwanted products. 

Having these items neatly organized will allow some extra space that we know just what to do with. Make cleaning easy on yourself by having cleaning products and rags on hand in every bathroom. This will save you (or your kids!) time and effort in making an ongoing domestic routine much less of a burden. Now that your bathroom is clean, opt for some self care by hanging bunches of eucalyptus in your shower. Each shower you take will be giving you some spa vibes!

Kitchen Resolution: Clear out cupboards and embrace clever organization tools

There’s no better spot in the home than the kitchen to create the opportunity for function and organization. Perform a post-holiday clear out of kitchen cupboards, restocking your staples and throwing out items you won’t be using until the holidays next year. The New Year is not the time to be hoarding half-opened jars of cranberry sauce or nearly empty boxes of stuffing. 

Once things are tidied up, keep your pantry organized for the coming year. A combination of baskets and clear containers with lids can easily make your pantry look more polished and much easier to browse. Add a chalkboard or dry erase panel to the side of your refrigerator to keep track of your weekly grocery list to ensure everything is kept stocked—avoiding the stress of running out of important ingredients. 

Laundry Resolution: Make this space stand out

From practical solutions to large-scale custom framed prints and graphic wallpaper—give your laundry room some design attention. Source some fun patterned baskets and bins to keep supplies organized. Re-work what to do with dirty laundry before it makes it to the machines, too. Instead of a laundry bin in the bathroom, invest in a set of drawstring cotton laundry bags to hang on the back of every bedroom door. These will help you avoid dirty clothes piling up on the floor and are also very hygienic, as the bags can be washed.

Once you’re back in the laundry room, you might be thinking washing clothes is one chore that can suck up so much time! However, it won’t feel like such a chore if your laundry space isn’t a dark, barren corner of your home that continues to be an afterthought. Envision a peel-and-stick wall mural above the machines or counter—taking you to a special place as you fold the towels and your kids shirts. A wrap-around collection of custom-framed prints of your favorite national park or cityscape can create a similar effect. Want even MORE New Year’s resolutions for your home? 

Check out our blog post from last year, 3 New Years Goals for Your Home, for more timeless tips to keep your home (and you) happy all year long! 

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