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How to Choose the Best Picture Frames for Your Decor Style

How to Choose the Best Picture Frames for Your Decor Style

Spring is here at last! Many people like to declutter and do a deep clean at this time of year, so why not give your decor a refresh while you’re at it? We have plenty of fresh and fun spring decor ideas that are both easy and budget-friendly. No matter what your style, our simple tips will inspire you to give your home a spring makeover. So join us as we welcome the warmer weather with cheerful colors, energizing art, greenery, and nature-inspired accents!

Modern/minimalist design

Though sometimes confused with contemporary style, modern design actually references modernism, the early 20th century design movement. It emphasizes minimalism, clean lines, and simple forms. Modern and minimalist picture frames are sleek and simple. They have no ornamentation and can be made from shiny metal or natural wood. This design style tends to use a monochromatic or neutral palette, so frames are often black, white, gold, or silver. However, sometimes colorful frames are chosen to add a pop of color. Abstract artwork, architecture photography, and modern black and white photos look ideal in modern and minimalist frames.

Traditional design

Traditional decor is inspired by European design in the 18th and 19th centuries. It references the past with classic elements, antiques, and historical designs. Traditional picture frames are elegant and sophisticated styles that will stand the test of time. They often feature fine materials such as hardwoods and luxurious finishes like gold leaf. Some traditional picture frames have ornate details, others exude more understated elegance. Traditional frames suit figurative paintings and prints like portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. They also lend gravitas to diplomas and certifications.

Transitional design

Transitional decor is consistently one of the most popular interior design styles in American homes! A perfect blend of old and new, this crowd-pleasing design combines traditional elegance with contemporary lines to create a timeless and warm style. Transitional picture frames are much simpler than traditional options. They stick to a neutral color palette and keep flourishes to a minimum, perhaps featuring a slope, scoop, or stepped detail. Transitional frames look great with most styles of art and mementos. We especially like them with family photos!

Farmhouse/Cottage design

This decor style perfectly blends comfort and functionality. It goes in two directions: modern farmhouse and country cottage. Both versions reference rural living by incorporating rustic design elements and natural materials like wood and stone. Modern farmhouse tends to reference simpler early American design with minimal flourishes and a neutral palette, while country cottage is inspired by English cottages with cozy and charming decor. Farmhouse and cottage frames can feature simple profiles, rustic wood, and weathered finishes. These frames look lovely with botanical prints, handmade embroidery, and paintings of pastoral scenes.

Vintage design

Vintage design references times gone by with color palettes, furniture, and decor from (or inspired by) the past. Today’s vintage decorating style avoids the time capsule effect by mixing pieces from different eras and design movements to create an interesting, unique space. Vintage picture frames can look like an opulent antique store treasure or a groovy 1970s find. They can also reference specific design movements such as Art Deco or Memphis Design. Vintage frames pair well with—you guessed it—vintage art! Vintage ads, posters, photos, and mementos can all be enhanced with the perfect vintage-inspired frame.

Boho design

Boho (short for bohemian) decor is creative, free-spirited, and unconventional. It combines interesting elements from cultures from around the world, commonly mixing patterns and using warm, earthy colors. Boho design often references nature through the use of natural materials and motifs. Boho picture frames feature wood in natural colors; some frames have a simple style, others may have more of a global flair with carved patterns or inlay. Boho frames look wonderful with botanical art or modern art with organic shapes. We also love them with candid photos and inspiring travel pics.

Eclectic design

Eclectic decor is a beautiful mashup of many different styles. An eclectic home is full of colors, artwork, interesting objects, and unique furniture that make the space feel energized and inviting. There is often an element of maximalism as eclectic interiors tend to showcase many different collections. Eclectic picture frames often feature fun elements like bright colors, interesting textures, and delightful patterns. Because eclectic style involves juxtaposing elements you wouldn’t expect together, it yields some spectacular frame and artwork combos. Modern art with a gilded traditional frame or an oil painting with a sleek chrome frame would both work in an eclectic interior.

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