3 Design Trends That are Here to Stay

The changes we’ve experienced during the past year and a half have shifted the way many of us think about life and our living spaces. So, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen several new design trends emerge in 2021. Of all the trends we’ve seen, we think three are here to stay: Natural Design, Maximalism, and Classic Revival. We want our homes to be comfortable, functional, and stylish, and these trends check all those boxes! Curious about how to incorporate these trends into your home? Read our top tips for creating a gorgeous space that is equally timeless and trendy!

Natural Design

This trend utilizes natural materials and textures, organic shapes, earthy colors, and botanical-inspired prints to create a comforting atmosphere. Because this style incorporates elements of nature, it reminds us of stability and growth. Natural forms are soft and inviting and natural colors often have a soothing effect.

Key Elements

● Natural materials: furniture in wood, rattan, or bamboo; upholstery and textiles in leather, linen, cotton; accessories and decor in jute, terracotta, natural stone, wool, and sheepskin
● Natural colors: earth tones, warm neutrals, soothing blues, and fresh greens
● Botanical-inspired prints and patterns: textiles, wall coverings, and custom-framed art that features flowers, greenery, and animals
● Organic shapes: furniture, decor, and art with gentle curves and undulating lines

Decor Ideas

● Paint your walls a warm neutral
● Create a beautiful gallery wall with custom-framed botanical art
● Try a sofa or accent chair with soft curves
● Opt for a curved or round light fixture
● Hang custom-framed art in a mix of wooden frames
● Put easy-care plants in woven baskets


This style promotes utilizing your space boldly through the use of repetition, mixed patterns, vivid color palettes, and special possessions. This design trend is not afraid to mix-and-match different eras and styles for a truly unique look. A maximalist home is full of colors, artwork, interesting objects, and unique furniture that make the space feel warm and inclusive.

Key Elements

● Bold colors: have fun with vibrant colors
● Layers: add lots of layers with different textures and hues
● Repetition: repeat motifs and mix patterns (especially florals, animal prints, and abstract designs)
● Be unique: showcase statement pieces and special possessions
● Curate: display collections with multiples of items (like books, vintage objects, or custom-framed artwork in gallery walls)
● Mix-and-match: blend eras and styles

Decor Ideas

● Buy lots of colorful throw pillows
● Display a favorite collection on a mantel or wall shelves
● Install wall paper with a bold pattern
● Layer a smaller ornate rug over a simpler natural fiber rug
● Custom frame art in frames with vivid colors or ornate styles
● Create an eclectic gallery wall by mixing-and-matching styles of artwork and color palettes. Explore mixing custom frame styles and use of various mat color and size combinations to create a unique feature.

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Classic Revival

This style has its roots in design from the Greek and Roman age, but it has been updated with a modern touch. Classic revival honors great design of the past and blends it with modern elements. The result is a space that is balanced, inviting, and elegant without feeling too formal.

Key Elements

● Premium materials: marble, mahogany, oak, bronze, gold, leather
● Symmetry: arrange furniture, custom-framed artwork, and decor in a balanced way
● Antiques: display furniture, statues, and art with a rich history
● Plush textures: sumptuous fabrics like satin, brocade, and velvet
● A refined palette: choose hues with heritage such as hunter green, lacquer red, navy blue and balance them with beiges, creams, and grays

Decor Ideas

● Custom frame modern art in ornate gold frames
● Try a rolled arm accent chair in leather or velvet
● Paint your walls a deep green
● Pair a traditional ceramic lamp with a simple shade
● Indulge in a set of brocade curtains

Each of these interior design trends has something in common—they’re all enhanced by custom framing! Custom framing allows you to pick the exact size, mat color, and frame style that complements your artwork and elevates your decor. So if you’re ready to dip your toe into any of these timeless trends, start with custom framing. Browse all the unique, handcrafted options at your local FastFrame store today!