3 New Year Goals for your Home

Still reflecting on your 2020 resolutions? Let’s look to the future instead and focus on what we can control by creating some goals for the New Year! For most, personal resolutions quickly fall out of mind, so let’s focus on three things in the home that will be easy to implement, make life simpler, and provide a fresh start for 2021.


1. Shake Things Up for the New Year

With the tree or other holiday decorations packed away, now is the ideal time to rearrange your furniture. Doing so will not only freshen-up your rooms and potentially optimize space but will give your body a great post-holiday workout.

When it comes to arranging furniture, it’s best to plan ahead. There are lots of free, online floor planners or just grab some graph paper to sketch out your desired floor plan. As you’re making the plan, remember to keep clear pathways so people can easily walk and move about the room.

Once your furniture is placed, don’t forget the walls! Things hung on the wall need to be placed in proportion to the furniture. For instance, now that your sofa might be on a different wall, don’t leave a tiny photo hanging above it. Instead, switch it out for a large piece (approximately two-thirds the length of the sofa) or keep the small piece there, but reframe it with a large mat so it can hold its own when positioned near the larger furniture piece. A gallery wall is a great option as well; just get some additional photos or artwork framed and arrange them above the sofa.

2. Live a Life Free of Clutter

Now is also the perfect time to make some changes that will help keep your space clean and organized all year long. This is one resolution to stay on top of, because clutter multiplies and before you know it, what was just a couple things out of place has grown to overwhelming clutter chaos.

If you’ve got a big house or just a lot of clutter in your small apartment, get started by creating a plan to tackle one room or area per month. Start with the area that has been stressing you out the most, and work from there. We recommend starting with the closets, because organizing the rest of the room is much easier if everything has a place to be stored.

As you empty out closets, consider charity donation. It’s much easier to let go if you can visualize someone in need using that second toaster or wearing the extra sweaters you don’t really wear anymore. And don’t forget that box of keepsakes on the top shelf. Take a peek in there and see what could be weaved into your decor. Now that you’ve rearranged your living room, maybe all those old family photos could be framed and put into that gallery wall above the sofa or those signed jerseys framed to decorate the media room walls. You may find precious objects with fond memories you’d like on display; foreign currency, ticket stubs, concert posters, needlework or baby shoes.

Our expert designers can advise the best way to present and preserve your precious memories.

3. Relax and Unwind Every Day in a Zen Space

Now that the clutter is gone, is there a corner of a room that’s underutilized or a nook that you’re not quite sure what to do with? Transform either of those areas into a space where you can truly relax; a quiet space for reading, yoga or meditation. Meditation and is a proven practice to help reduce stress, anxiety, and can improve overall health.

That might sound great, but without a dedicated space in your home, it’s often forgotten in the bustle of the day. Creating this welcoming area will draw you in and help you to include time for relaxation in your daily schedule. Start by adding several plants and framing some scenic photos from a favorite vacation. Then, plug in an essential oil diffuser and add plenty of comfy throws and pillows.

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, come to this new space and find yourself again. If noise from the apartment next door or kiddos running around the house is distracting you, install a sound machine or grab a pair of noise cancelling headphones.