30 Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas for Intentional Gifting

The holidays are filled with joyful traditions, including special meals with family, festive decorations in our home, and gifts for our loved ones! Picking out presents can be fun, yet challenging. It’s all too easy to quickly buy things without much thought in order to cross names off your list—but you may end up giving unwanted gifts. Even if you’re not shopping on a budget, no one wants to waste money on presents that won’t be used!


Thankfully, there’s a better approach: intentional gift-giving. This method of gifting encourages thoughtfulness to intentionally choose meaningful presents that the recipient will appreciate and cherish. It may sound like more work, but intentional gift-giving is pretty straightforward and worth any extra time you put in. To make it even easier, we came up with 30 intentional holiday gift ideas that are both thoughtful and unique. Choose from our list, or come up with your own special gift ideas!

Talk About It

First things first, start talking about gifts! We know discussing presents with your recipient may feel taboo, but it will help you give more intentional gifts. Don’t shy away from asking your loved one what they want or what types of gifts they enjoy. (Yes, this works both ways—you can also share what you like!) While this approach can remove some element of surprise, it does ensure your gift will be adored.


In addition to discussing gifts, chatting about personal values is also helpful. A family member passionate about sustainability will appreciate an eco-friendly gift, while a friend who loves supporting small businesses will enjoy a present from a local neighborhood shop. You can also find out if there’s a charity or cause your loved one cares about and get gifts that support that mission.

Consumable Gifts

Who doesn’t love a consumable gift? Your recipient will think of you when they enjoy it—and they’ll appreciate that it doesn’t take up room in their home once it’s used up! Be sure to tailor your present to your loved one’s tastes to guarantee they’ll get maximum joy from using your gift.



  • Pampering bath and body products (candles, hand cream, bath salts)
  • Something warm to sip (coffee, tea, hot cocoa)
  • Sweet treats (fancy chocolate, nostalgic candies, homemade cookies)
  • An adult beverage (nice wine, special craft beer, a favorite spirit)
  • Arts and crafts supplies (yarn, paint, sketchbook)

Special Memory Gifts

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can cause us to lose sight of life’s beautiful moments. Giving a gift that harkens to fond memories will remind your recipient to pause and appreciate all those special memories throughout the years.



  • Custom frame a photo that captures a memorable moment
  • Have a shadow box crafted to display heirlooms or a cherished collection
  • Commission art featuring their family, pet, or home
  • Custom frame a beloved family recipe
  • Write and send a letter about a favorite shared memory

Experience Gifts

Experiences often make the best gifts! They can be shared with others, and they’re usually remembered for years to come. There are many creative ideas, so no matter what your recipient’s interests (or your budget), you’ll find an option that’s just right.



  • Tickets to a concert or a gift card for tickets
  • Sports team tickets or season passes
  • Voucher for pampering (massage, manicure, facial)
  • Zoo, museum, or community center membership
  • Movie theater and restaurant gift cards

Subscription Gifts

Subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving! Your recipient will enjoy what feels like multiple presents and be reminded of you throughout the year. There are so many types of subscriptions these days that you can tailor one just for your recipient.



  • Monthly wine club or artisan snacks subscription
  • Streaming service or favorite app subscription
  • Magazine or news subscription (online or print)
  • Floral bouquet subscription
  • Skincare, beauty, or shaving box subscription

Learning Gifts

When we learn new skills, we strengthen our brains, are more adaptable to change, and generally become more interesting people! (Learning something new with a partner also promotes bonding, so this is a fantastic gift category for couples.) Choose an online or in-person lesson that they’ll find intriguing and convenient.



  • Language lessons
  • A cooking class
  • Lessons for an activity they’re interested in (yoga, dancing, tennis, archery)
  • An art or craft class
  • A community college course

Service Gifts

Time is precious, which is why it makes such a special gift. You can offer your time in the form of an act of service for a loved one. You can do lots of thoughtful things that are sure to be appreciated. (And sometimes, all your loved one wants is quality time, so your present can be simply being present!)



  • Spend the day together doing a favorite activity
  • Babysitting, pet sitting, or house sitting
  • Cook a meal for them (or with them)
  • Offer lessons in something you’re skilled at
  • Help with cleaning or house projects

We hope you enjoyed our intentional gift-giving guide! If you want to give a memorable custom-framed holiday gift, visit your local FastFrame store to get started. Find your nearest location here. Looking for more festive inspiration? Check out 12 Fun & Easy Holiday Decor Ideas for seasonal decorating ideas.