4 Tips for Frame-Worthy Vacation Photos

Now that summer is in full-swing and travel restrictions continue to be lifted, we thought there was no better time to have a chat about vacation photos. Now, we’re not talking about the family vacation photos where Dad’s finger is over the lens or Grandma’s eyes are closed. We’re talking about beautiful shots from your travels that are worthy to become a custom-framed addition to your gallery wall back at home. Here we have four simple ways to make your vacation photos pop!

Tip 1: Always have your camera ready!

We’ve all been there—everything perfectly falls into place in that magical moment, but you can’t get that lens cap off fast enough or your phone is lost in your bag. Therefore, as you travel, it’s extra important to keep your camera on you and ready at all times for whenever things come together in an organic way. Upon capturing that magical moment, what a great conversation starter it will be with guests once you have it custom-framed and added to your gallery wall back at home.

Tip 2: Harness the Light!

When taking photos outdoors, the sun should always be at your back, not your subject’s. When the sun is behind your significant other, you’ll never get that perfect shot. There will inevitably be a shadow over their face and the photo will be less crisp. Even if you’re just shooting a landscape or skyline, the exposure will be greatly improved if the sun is behind you.

Once you get the lighting and exposure right, the FastFrame designers back at home will be ready to step in to add the finishing touches to your photo. We’ll start by taking a good look at the hues in your photograph and walk you through choosing a mat that highlights the undertones in your photo to achieve visual balance. Being able to completely customize the mat is one of the many ways choosing custom framing will enhance the appeal of your framed vacation photo.

Tip 3: Take Plenty of Shots!

Most smartphones or digital cameras have a fairly large memory bank, so be sure to take plenty of shots—you’ve got the space. Try taking varying angles of the same subject so that you can find that ideal angle later on as you browse your camera roll. This is especially necessary as you’re shooting wildlife or your friends, for the slightest movement or change in facial expression can take a photo to the next level. Plus—since we’re not using film anymore, you can easily hit the delete button later on.

Varying angles of a single subject is also a fun idea for a modern gallery wall at home. The continuity of the same subject beautifully custom-framed with crisp white mats and thin black frames aligns perfectly with any modern decor space. To ramp up the contemporary feel, print photos of the same size and lay the frames out on a grid.

Tip 4: Let there be Life!

People love seeing people. Whether it’s photos on your gallery wall or your social media page, photos containing a heartbeat inevitably get more love. Though there might not always be animals or furry friends around, the simplicity of just a bird being in the sky can have a huge impact. When you’re a solo, urban traveler—try to capture life in the ambiance. There’s no reason strangers can’t be in your shot! If you’re traveling with a buddy and you’re taking photos of each other, don’t pose. Look out toward your surroundings and just be an element in the overall scene.

Now that we’ve given you some tips to take your photos up a notch, we expect you to do something with your awesome pictures! Peruse your shots upon your return and bring us your favorites. We can expertly custom-frame a handful of your favorites to proudly display on your walls at home or help you try a fun gallery wall idea. If you traveled with friends, we can even create fun, table-top custom frames that make the perfect gift. Let our FastFrame team help keep those vacation memories alive and well!