Creative Wedding Gift Ideas,
Using Custom Framing

It’s wedding season! Here at FastFrame, we get a lot of requests this time of year from people looking to create the perfect wedding gift. We have compiled a list of creative wedding gift ideas using the power of custom framing.

Frame History

1. Frame a Piece of Their History

If you are close with the couple, you might have held on to some artifact from their history as a couple. Do you have a photo, ticket, receipt, text message, or email from their first encounters together? Can you find a napkin from the restaurant they went to on their first date? All of these things can be framed to make an ordinary item into a romantic memory to treasure forever.

Multiple Photos

2. Use Multiple Photos of Loved Ones

If you are the mother, sibling, child, or close friend of the couple getting married, this is the perfect custom gift to give. Creatively compile photos of the special people in your lives and make a large piece of art.

3. Create a Timeline of Their Love Story

Arrange several photos into one linear piece, with pictures from each era of their lives together. Start your piece on the far left with a photo from their first few months together, then progress through all their important moments as a couple.

Frame Collage

4. Make a Collage with Multiple Frames

Another way to group together several important photos is to create a collage. Arrange the photos in a creative way with your framer to create a fun piece of art for their home together.

Romantic Prose

5. Frame Romantic Prose

Don’t have the perfect photo or piece of memorabilia? The couple will always appreciate something that simply describes love. Maybe there is a love poem that reminds you of this couple? Or maybe a special quote that describes them perfectly? Print and frame these romantic words for them to hang in their home.

Wedding Frame

Bonus Idea: Post-Wedding Custom Frame

Another great idea is to give the couple a note saying you will have their favorite photo custom-framed in the style of their home.  After the wedding, our framing experts will work with you to turn a photo into a beautiful gift.

These are just a few of our favorite ideas – but there is really no limit!

We can frame 3D items, photos, art, memorabilia, and more. Once-in-a-lifetime keepsakes need one-of-a-kind custom framing – and we love being a part of the special day!

Each of our local FastFrame framers are committed to creating beautiful, memorable pieces of art for you and the people you love. Give a gift they will never forget – visit your local FastFrame to get started!