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5 Great Decorating Ideas for Ringing in the New Year With Custom Frames


Holiday Framing Ideas

Will you be hosting a New Year’s Eve party to usher in 2018? If so, you’ll want your place just as dressed up and glamorous for the occasion as you and your guests no doubt will be.

Custom frames are an excellent aide for dressing up a New Year’s Eve party. Check out these five great ideas for decorating with custom frames ahead of the countdown to midnight.


  1. Family photos custom framed on your foyer wall. This is the first thing your guests will see as they arrive, so it should establish the home of the people who live there. It’s not uncommon to have family photos taken in mid-November, so why not get them custom framed and ready for guests to see during this year’s party? Hang some of that leftover shimmery garland from your tree over the edges of the frame to really bring in a festive atmosphere.


  1. Frame your television for a beautiful display all night. When hosting a New Year’s Eve party, your television becomes a focal point for you and your guests as clock approaches midnight.  Everyone loves to watch the countdown, particularly the final minutes before the ball drops in Times Square.   Today’s flat screen televisions have become works of art with their design and capabilities.  So, why not treat them like any other precious piece of art?  Let the experts designers at FastFrame show you have to turn your flat screen tv from dull and boring to a conversation piece by adding a custom frame.


  1. Ring out the old, ring in the new. During your party prep, take a look at the framing that has adorned your walls over the years.  Is it time to refresh the matting or frame to reflect your current tastes?  Or, do you have new pieces that you want to include in your home design?  A new piece of art can leave a lasting impression your guests by perfectly coordinating the frame with the surrounding room.  The expert designers at FastFrame can help you reinvigorate those older pieces and tie a new collection of artwork and photos into your home decor.  


  1. Display New Year’s memorabilia. Obtain photos or artifacts from past New Year’s celebrations and hang them everywhere. Imagine lining your party room walls with blown-up, poster-sized black-and-white images of couples romantically slow-dancing to the sounds of Guy Lombardo and his band playing Auld Lang Syne at New York’s Roosevelt Hotel back in 1929. Or envision the oohs and aahs from guests as they admire a series of jumbo prints you’ve mounted and framed depicting New Year’s Eve celebrations in different countries around the world. If you’ve got an image, canvas, or object that you want to display on New Year’s Eve, FastFrame’s experts can show you an incredible array of frame possibilities that will have you blowing horns and tossing confetti long before the ball drops in Times Square.
  2. Frame your post-party New Year’s resolutions. By dawn on New Year’s Day, you’ll realize there might be some habits you want to commit to giving up in 2018. Consider framing your list of resolutions and display them around your house as a constant reminder to stick to your plans in the New Year.  If your resolutions include a vow to eat smarter, put one on the wall next to the refrigerator.  Mount a second above your dining room table if you want to commit to more family dinners. Having your resolutions posted like this will serve as a constant reminder of your need to live up to them. And, as a bonus, each room will look better – especially if you’ve chosen to work with our FastFrame design experts!