5 Tips for a Cozy Home This Winter

5 Tips for a Cozy Home This Winter

It may be chilly outside, but your home can still be warm and cozy! We came up with five easy home decor tips for making your living space more inviting this winter. Now is the perfect time to make these simple changes that will keep you cozy and comfortable all winter long.

Give Your Walls Warmth

If your blank walls have been bothering you, now’s the time to fill them! Cherished photos remind us of fond memories with our loved ones and treasured pieces of art can make us happy every time we look at them. Consider getting some of your favorite pieces custom framed so you can make a unique display that adds warmth and personality to your home. FastFrame create beautiful custom frames handcrafted just for you. Try creating a gallery wall or install a picture ledge so you can easily swap framed art and photos. 

Start Swapping

Swapping out a few simple items in your home can have a major home decor impact! Try switching your current throw pillows for some with a wintry theme or color scheme. Replace summer throws with chunky knits or plush fleeces to keep you cozy on those chilly winter nights. Don’t forget about the bedroom! Swap lighter bedding with warmer options to keep you nice and toasty when the temperature dips. Layer lots of textures in a soothing palette for a soft, inviting look.

Let There Be Light

Unfortunately, wintertime offers us fewer daylight hours to soak up the sunshine. But that doesn’t mean your days need to be dark and dreary! Brighten your home by adding in string lights—their soft twinkling light looks beautiful on a mantel or displayed inside glass jars. Candles are another great way to add warmth and soft lighting to your space. Use tapers in candleholders of varying heights or display glass candles in groups for visual interest. Try candles with winter scents to add another layer of coziness!

Add Lots of Layers

We all wear layers during winter, but you can add layers in your home, too! Consider layering window treatments to add visual interest and create a cozy look. Try combining sheer curtains with a thicker option to block chilly drafts. (Curtains are also an easy way to add color and pattern to a space that needs a little oomph!) You can also layer rugs to add texture and warmth to your room. Pair a larger neutral rug with a smaller patterned rug or try a more traditional rug with a sheepskin. Not only will your space be cozier, but your feet will be warmer, too!

Create a Cozy Corner

Winter inevitably means we will all spend more time indoors, so why not create your own cozy corner just for “me time”? Whether you want a reading nook or a secluded tea time spot, you only need a small amount of space to make it happen. All you need is a quiet spot with a comfortable chair or bench, a small table or shelf, and some lighting. (Bonus points if you’re by a window.) Simply layer in a cozy throw and cushy pillows and you’re good to go!