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5 Ways FastFrame Can Help You Say Goodbye to Boring Walls

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Friends pop into your home. Business associates or customers step inside your office. What they see on your walls is a story of your personal or business life.


When people venture into your living spaces or your work areas, do they want to encounter walls that give off warmth and good vibes? Do your walls spark an emotional connection; a connection to your home or office; a connection to your personality. Are your walls attractive and engaging? Or are they in need of an update? 


If the answer to these questions is no, the expert designers at FastFrame can help you breathe new life into your home or office.


Here are 5 ways the expert designers at FastFrame can help you connect with family, friends, colleagues, and clients. 


  1. Go wild with custom frames. A 2016 Huffington Post article (updated earlier this year) addressed the problem of what to do with uninteresting walls. Many remedies were on offer, some great and others no so much. Tellingly, though, almost half of the solutions specified using custom framing to create a special finishing touch. The authors probably should have consulted with the experts at any local FastFrame store for some professional advice about that. The design experts at FastFrame can help you do just that.


  1. Keep it fresh. Interior design specialists say that, however, you dress your walls, be sure to change things up every so often to show a new and appealing look. This doesn’t mean you need to replace your FastFrame custom frames once a month or even once per season. But, as FastFrame experts caution, if your wall displays are faded or show signs of age, then it’s definitely time to revise the setting.


  1. Mix it up. Your walls should be an eclectic mix of custom-framed items and memorabilia. There’s no rule compelling you to display only photos, or to display only memorabilia, or only artwork. It’s perfectly acceptable, and even desirable, to showcase a cacophony of images and objects on the same wall. Talk to the experts at your nearest FastFrame for guidance in pulling this off brilliantly.


  1. Defy convention. A gallery of custom frames with nothing inside them makes for an eye-catching and conversation-launching wall display. Empty frames work for the same reason that skilled artists like to sometimes color outside the lines: it shakes up expectations.


  1. Reflect upon your situation. One of the best ways to update walls is to use custom framed mirrors. The great thing about mirrors is they not only make a wall come alive, they also fool the eye into seeing the room as considerably larger than it actually is. FastFrame offers an extensive selection of frames to fit whatever size or type of mirror you want to display.


Bottom line: help your guests and visitors feel truly welcome by giving your walls personality and charm. The custom-framing experts at FastFrame are your first choice when it comes to help saying goodbye to boring walls.