6 Father's Day Gifts to Make Dad Feel Special

Dad is a wonderful guy and he deserves a wonderful gift! But choosing the perfect Father’s Day present can feel a little daunting. That’s why we came up with six custom-framed gift ideas to make Dad feel special. The best presents are heartfelt, thoughtful, and unique—and custom framing is all three of those things! Whether you frame a favorite photo, beloved mementos, or prized memorabilia, we guarantee he’ll cherish your gift for decades to come.

Find his favorite photo

Find a photo that captures one of Dad’s favorite memories and get it custom framed! It could be a bonding moment with the kids, an epic vacation, a snuggle with the family pet, or some quality friend time. Having trouble choosing one? Frame a few individually, or opt for a mat with multiple cut-outs.

Pay tribute

Honor someone special to Dad by custom framing something that will remind him of them. It could be a photo, a medal, a handkerchief, or even a pair of glasses. Dad will be able to think of them fondly everytime he looks at your gift. (Don’t be surprised if Dad “gets something in his eye” after opening this one up!)

Get sporty

Is Dad a sports fanatic? Create a custom-framed gift featuring his favorite team! You can frame a selfie from the stadium, ticket stubs, sports trading cards, or an autographed jersey. We suggest using multiple mats so you can incorporate his team’s colors into the display!

Honor his achievements

Did Dad put in extra hours to earn a Master’s degree? Was he a standout college athlete? Has he been recognized for being outstanding in his field? Honor those accomplishments by custom-framing medals, awards, certificates, and more. Dad will love displaying his achievements and knowing you’re proud of him.

Hear the music

Rock, rap, punk, classical—no matter what Dad’s into, you can create him the perfect present. There are so many things you can custom frame for a music-lover: concert tickets, album covers, sheet music, tour posters, festival wristbands, and even concert tees. They can all be turned into gifts that pay tribute to great music and fun times!

Corral his collection

If Dad loves collecting, but his treasures are gathering dust in a cabinet, turn them into a custom-framed gift! It’s the perfect way to display all of dad’s beloved finds. Bottle caps, vintage ads, baseball cards, campaign buttons—you name it, they all make a fantastic custom-framed display.

We hope our list helps you choose a unique and thoughtful Father’s Day gift this year! For an extra special touch when custom framing your gift, opt for multiple mats. Read Double Matting: Your Expert Guide to Accent Mats to learn more.