6 Simple & Sunny Summer Decor Ideas

We love the promises of summer: blooming gardens and dining al fresco, trips to the farmer’s market and lazy days at the beach. In summer, we spend extra time outside, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about inside! That’s why we put together six easy-breezy summertime decorating ideas to honor the season. Whether your vibe is “beach house” or “tropical destination”, there’s a simple and sunny decor idea to welcome summer into your home!

Breezy Blue & White

Blue and white is a classic summertime color combo—it’s bright, breezy and simple. This pairing gives off a calming vibe and plays nice with other neutrals, especially tans and beiges. Try blue furniture with blue and white pillows, a sisal or jute natural fiber rug, and white curtains. Paint the walls white and be sure to add blue and white custom-framed artwork.

Go Nautical

Look no further than maritime inspiration for achieving a summer beach house look! Try decorating with sailor’s knots, nautical flags, brass accents, or a blue and white palette (as mentioned above) to give your space a sailing-inspired spin. Put a shell collection in pretty glass jars or create a gallery wall with custom-framed artwork featuring ships and lighthouses.

Pops of Color

The secret to introducing fun pops of color? Swapping! Simply swap out pillows, curtains, rugs, table linens, and even dishes for more vibrant options. Don’t forget about your walls! You can easily switch out custom-framed artwork for pieces with bright, summery hues. Consider installing a picture ledge to make seasonal art swapping even simpler.

Flower Power

Fresh-cut flowers are a great way to welcome summer indoors. Source them from your garden or a farmer’s market to enjoy the best possible blooms. If allergies keep you admiring flowers from a distance, consider floral custom-framed art instead. Choose art that’s bright and playful to get you in the summer mood. You’ll get all the cheerful benefits of flowers without the upkeep!

Be Green

If flowers aren’t really your thing, you can still get a summery vibe with the help of lush, green plants. Express your style with the type of planters you choose—try a hanging macrame version for a breezy boho space or a vintage crock for a farmhouse look. If your green thumb leaves something to be desired, you can follow our flower advice and frame fresh botanical art instead!

Start Painting

Whether you want to make a statement wall or revive an old patio set, a coat of paint will work wonders indoors and outdoors! It will take a bit of DIY elbow grease, but it’s an inexpensive way to give rooms and furniture a total refresh. Opt for classic white, fresh green, calming blue, or a sunny hue to add a fun pop of color. Don’t forget to add in custom-framed artwork to complement your new hue!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top six tips for welcoming summer into your home! Beautifully framed artwork will enhance all of these ideas, so be sure to stop by a FastFrame store for all your custom-framing needs!