6 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for 2021

Eggnog and gingerbread, snowy landscapes, snuggling up by the fireplace—it’s that time of year again! Last holiday season, many of us weren’t able to be with family and friends. Being together again will feel extra special this year, so your gifts should feel extra special, too. Are there names on your holiday list that leave you scratching your head? Worry not! We came up with six unique gift ideas that will delight those you love (even the picky ones!) and show them just how much you care. Read on to get inspired and start crossing those names off your list!

For the Nostalgic: Bring back memories with custom framing

Turn a cherished memory into art through the magic of custom framing! Whether it’s a vintage family photo, your niece’s colorful crayon drawing, or a menu from the restaurant where you and your partner had your first date, custom framing turns all those items into meaningful gifts. When choosing custom frame options, go with classic choices that are sure to fit in with any decor style—you can’t go wrong with a simple black or wood frame.

For the Foodie: Let them dine on your dime

Dining out is a pleasure many of us missed last year! Help your recipient make up for lost time with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. Ask friends and family to determine which place they’d be most delighted to dine at. If they’re more adventurous, see if there is a new restaurant in their area that they’d be excited to try. Either way, they’ll think of you fondly after their delicious meal. After all, the way to many of our hearts is through our stomachs!

For the Lifelong Learner: Make them a pro

Turn your recipient into an expert by gifting them classes taught by a professional, either in-person or online. Do they love craft beer and a good project? Get them home brewing classes! Are they eager to pick up knitting or macrame? Sign them up for a class at their local community art center! There are class options for everything from coding and cooking to dancing and scuba diving—just pick one based on your recipient’s current interests or something they’ve always wanted to try.

For the Pet Parent: Turn their fur baby into art

Any pet parent would be delighted to receive a custom portrait of their darling fur baby! You can order a drawing, painting, or digital image of your recipient’s beloved pet. (Bonus points if you custom frame it for them!) There’s a portrait option for every style, from Warhol-esque pop art to old masters-inspired traditional paintings. Simply browse talented artists on an online craft marketplace to find the style and price point that works best for you.

For the Cultured Crowd and Campers: Let them experience life to the fullest

Does your recipient love visiting your local museum or botanic garden? Or do they love going to the zoo with their little ones? Make them a member! A membership will encourage them to plan day trips and enjoy themselves while supporting local, cherished institutions. For the outdoor enthusiast, a national park pass is sure to inspire camping trips and outdoor adventures all year long.

For the Busy Bee: Just hit subscribe

Subscription gifts are great for busy folks that could use a reminder to slow down and treat themselves! Sign your recipient up for their favorite monthly magazine, or gift them a year of a calming meditation app. If they like to be pampered, get them a skincare or shaving subscription box. If they’re a foodie, go for an artisan snacks or cheese box, or a personalized monthly wine club. There’s a subscription box for almost everything these days, so you’re sure to find one they’ll love!

The best gifts come from the heart and will make your recipient happy for years to come—which makes custom framing the perfect present! At FastFrame, we can frame just about anything—family photos, cherished artwork, a favorite sports jersey, tickets from a memorable concert, a beloved stamp collection—and the list goes on! Choose something that would bring your recipient joy and head down to your local FastFrame store. Our talented designers will create a display that will be cherished long after the holiday decorations come down!