8 Clever Tips for Designing the Perfect Diploma Frame

Don’t let your diploma get buried in a storage box! You worked hard for that piece of paper—now it’s time to show it off. Custom framing is the best way to commemorate your accomplishment because it showcases and protects your achievement for years to come. Wondering which framing options are best for your diploma? We’ve come up with eight clever tips to help you design the perfect diploma frame.

1. Make it custom

A handcrafted, custom frame will display your diploma in style and protect it from damage. You can pick the exact mat colors and frame style you want, while ensuring your diploma isn’t exposed to UV rays, dust, or moisture.

2. Choose archival quality

To preserve your diploma for decades to come, you should frame it using only archival, acid-free materials. Those materials will help prevent degradation to keep your diploma looking as good as the day you got it.

3. Don’t forget UV protection

Framing with UV glass is essential to block harmful sunlight rays that can fade your diploma over time. We recommend museum glass as the best option because it is both UV-protective and anti-reflective.

4. Try multiple mats

We’re all for the full-bleed look for certain types of art, but diplomas look best with matting. We like pairing an outer mat with at least one accent mat to accentuate your diploma while adding depth and color. Try using your school colors to give your diploma that special touch. 

5. Let yourself get fancy

Your diploma is a huge achievement, so don’t shy away from deluxe framing choices! Special linen mats and beautiful wood fillets (smaller moulding that fits next to the matting) add gravitas to your document display.

6. Highlight with color

Using multiple mats allows you to incorporate color into your display. Some people like to use their school colors, while others prefer classic black, gray, silver, or gold. Bold colors can easily become overwhelming, so save them for accent mats. 

7. The right frame of mind

Avoid extra thin frame styles—a wider frame gives more weight to your finished piece and makes more of a statement. You can go modern, traditional, or somewhere in-between. Just opt for more polished styles and skip anything that looks too rustic.

8. Think outside the box

Why stop at your diploma? You can custom frame a graduation photo, commencement invitations, or even the tassel from your cap! Try creating a themed gallery wall to honor your special achievements.

Ready to give your diploma the custom framing treatment? Head to your local FastFrame, where our talented designers will help you create a frame worthy of your hard work. If you’re looking for gallery wall advice, check out our helpful blog post, Gallery Walls Made Easy.