9 Unique Custom Framing Ideas

Custom framing isn’t all about artwork and photos!

We’re here to spread the news that lots of different items can be custom framed, from an original family recipe to vintage magazine ads. But why stop with two-dimensional pieces? You can also custom frame an assortment of three-dimensional objects, including textiles, jewelry, and even dinner plates! We put together nine unique custom framing ideas so you can get inspired to create your own one-of-a-kind wall decor.

A Family Recipe

Mom’s pecan pie, Uncle Vito’s spaghetti bolognese—everyone has a cherished recipe unique to their family. You can create personalized kitchen decor and honor your favorite family recipe by having it custom-framed! Frame an original copy or make your own version by typing it up, choosing a fun font, and printing it on nice paper. If you want a little more pizzazz, tap a graphic designer friend (or find one online) to professionally design it for you.

Pressed Flowers

Pressing flowers has been a popular craft for centuries and it’s easy to see why—it’s easy, inexpensive, and yields beautiful results. Try your hand at it with a flower pressing kit (or make your own if you’re into DIY.) Create your arrangement, experimenting with color combinations and placement before using the recommended fixative to hold it in place. Then enhance your creation with the perfect custom frame! (Hint: this also makes a great gift.)


There are so many amazing wallpaper designs, but it’s not always possible to wallpaper your room. There are plenty of reasons: maybe you’re renting, you don’t have the budget, or you’ve only found one roll of the design you love. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wallpaper—just get a few pieces custom framed instead! It’s a budget-friendly way to add a dash of pattern and color to your walls.

Vintage Paper Goods

Who doesn’t love a dash of vintage style in their home? Vintage ads, magazine covers, newspapers, and postcards are blasts from the past that can be turned into fun wall decor. Vintage paper goods look especially good grouped together, like in a grid-style gallery wall. Remember: it’s especially important to get more delicate paper items custom framed. That way you can choose an acid-free mat and protective glazing to help preserve your favorite pieces.

Dishes & More

Wondering what to do with Grandma’s china or Great Aunt Betty’s silverware? It may seem a little wacky, but you can custom frame them! You may not have room to store a whole set of inherited dishes or a big box of old-fashioned silverware, but you can pick your favorite pieces and hang them on the wall instead. You can cherish the memory of your loved one and their impeccable taste (and feel guilt-free when you give the rest of the set a new home!)


Do you have a special piece of jewelry that you want to keep but you know you’ll never wear? Take it out of the jewelry box and put it in a custom frame! This is a great idea for pieces that are too delicate to wear and heirloom items with special meaning, as it will allow you to enjoy them every day. Most jewelry is especially lovely when paired with a textured backing (such as velvet or a suede-look mat) to add depth and give it a deluxe look.

A Coin Collection

Coin collections are always special to their owners, even if they’re not worth thousands of dollars. That’s why we think they should be proudly displayed instead of languishing in a drawer! A handcrafted custom frame will allow you to show off your collection and keep it protected at the same time. Have fun with your display—orderly rows and more artful arrangements can both look equally good!


Many fabrics and other textile items look lovely when custom framed. And there are options for every decor style—a hand-dyed silk scarf for a modern home, doilies and vintage lace for a traditional look, a funky needlepoint for a boho space—and the list goes on! No matter what type of textile you choose, your custom framer will pick the right mounting technique to make sure it stays wrinkle-free and properly affixed to the backing.

A Calendar

Custom framing a calendar page is a great way to commemorate a special day or an eventful year. Or your motive could be purely aesthetic—some calendars have such lovely designs that you may just want to frame the artwork! Whatever your reason, a custom frame will elevate your humble calendar and turn it into unique wall decor. Try full-bleed framing for a minimalist look or go the opposite route and make a bold statement with multiple mats.

Feeling inspired? Visit a FastFrame near you to create your own unique wall decor! For more creative custom framing ideas, check out 6 Ingenious Places You Can Put a Gallery Wall.