Celebrate the Big Game with a Custom Framed Jersey

Crafted by FastFrame & the Westlake Gallery in Austin, TX

Football season brings seemingly nonstop action and excitement for months! Whether you’re a huge fan or just enjoy hanging out at watch-parties, the weekly games become a routine we love. February, then, can start to feel a little bittersweet. While the big game brings a new level of excitement, it also ushers in the close to the season.


As custom-framers, we’re unfortunately not able to turn back the clock on the season. What we can do, though, is ensure pieces of that excitement live on! Is your team in the big game? Did your favorite receiver have a breakout season? Maybe you’re a superfan of a certain quarterback that is retiring (for real) this year? If you don’t already have one, now’s the time to go jersey shopping! Owning your favorite player’s jersey is a huge thrill—bringing you closer to someone you admire. Having their jersey custom framed keeps that thrill alive for years to come!

Crafted by FastFrame & the Westlake Gallery in Austin, TX

Custom framing your jersey is a great way to proudly show your loyalty, while transforming those pieces of stitched cloth into a work of art. Properly displaying a jersey on the wall starts by mounting it within a custom frame. Jersey framing is an artform, just like any other. That’s why you should talk to the framing experts at FastFrame to plan your project. FastFrame specializes in framing sports jerseys and tons of other memorabilia.

Crafted by FastFrame Durham in Durham, NC

There are many ways to frame a jersey. The most basic approach involves laying the jersey flat and centering it against the frame’s backing. But, you can also position the jersey as far up inside the frame as possible in order to leave space at the bottom for one or more individually framed photos. For example, these can be photos of the player running, catching a ball, or jumping for joy after a touchdown. Our design experts customize all kinds of projects!

Crafted by FastFrame & the Westlake Gallery in Austin, TX

Whether you’re a superfan or want to celebrate a superfan in your life, jersey framing is the ideal memorabilia project for you. Looking to start a collection for yourself or gift ideas for a special someone? Check out Team Spirit Beyond Football Season for tips on building and displaying a collection.