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Custom frame corners are hung on the walls of The Frame Shop on Hurlburt Field, Fla., Oct. 12, 2012. If The Frame Shop does not have a specific frame or material, they can special order that part within a week. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Christopher Williams)

Why Choosing Frames to Fit Your Home’s Décor can be Tricky

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Do you buy a piece of art because you love the ingeniously edgy way the painter uses brush strokes to revel in the interplay between light and shadow?


Or do you buy a piece of art because you think the colors and canvas size are perfect for the space you need to fill in the master bathroom?


Whatever your reason for choosing artwork, just know that it’s a 100-percent valid and proper reason. And the reason it’s valid and proper is because it’s YOUR reason.


A Subjective Process


But here’s the thing. You acquired that piece of art to accomplish something. Specifically, you want to feel good every time you look at that wall where this artwork will (or already does) hang.


Which leads to an important point. What you mount on your walls matters.


That’s why it needs to be placed within a frame that not only beautifully showcases the painting (or photograph or object) but that adds beauty to your home.


In fact, if you think about it, a frame is in and of itself a piece of art (which explains the hot trend of hanging empty frames).


Trouble is it’s challenging to figure out which frames work best with which pieces of art within various rooms coordinated in various decor styles.


In other words, choosing the right frames for your home is often a subjective process. And that makes it tricky.


FastFrame Design Experts Have Answers


Accordingly, many people opt to consult expert framers – such as those found at FastFrame – to provide the necessary guidance and make the process of choosing less hit-or-miss.


That’s wise to do, because FastFrame design experts intimately understand the dynamics of framing as an element of home décor.


For example, FastFrame’s pro framers will typically tell you that the ideal choice of frame depends on the décor of the room in which the frame will be placed. A room decorated in modern motif needs a modern-style frame, not a frame resplendent with baroque filigrees or rococo flourishes.


Choice of frame also depends on where in the room you will place it. Wall dimensions are one consideration. If the piece is small and the wall large, you can create the illusion of proportionality by placing the art within an oversized frame.


Another possibility is you can hang a collection of small pieces or, alternatively, a couple of large scale prints (but not a combination of the two because that creates an unhappy clash).


Frames can be used to make art blend into the décor. Or they can be used to highlight the art. Or they can be used to make a statement touching on your tastes and personality as reflected by everything within the room.


The point is art and the frames surrounding them are essential home décor because they are reflections of your unique personality and style. Choose frames wisely, and visitors to your home will be profoundly impressed.