Glazing—Not Just for Doughnuts!

If you love tasty baked goods, the word “glaze” might have you envisioning rows of freshly glazed doughnuts at your local bakery. While it’s hard to imagine any better context to enjoy this term—we invite you to do just that as we take a closer look at one of the most important parts of the custom framing process.

First off, let’s take a look at the definition through a custom framing lens. “Glazing” is the barrier that sits between the contents of any picture frame and it’s environment. It can be made of a variety of transparent materials and plays an important role in protecting your artwork against everything from air pollutants to physical damage.

If you’re completely new to custom framing, you might only be familiar with the flimsy plastic or glass covers that come with those ready-made frames. In the same way gas station doughnuts aren’t like fresh ones at a bakery—things are quite different if you stop in a custom framing shop like FastFrame! We offer a full range of Tru Vue® conservation grade glass and acrylic glazings, giving our framers the ability to utilize a variety of options to match whatever your needs might be.

The doughnut metaphor is making us way too hungry, so we’ll drop that (for now!) and take a closer look at a custom framing glaze type with top-notch protection. Tru Vue® conservation grade glazings will immediately impress with a much smoother surface versus traditional glazings, allowing your artwork to look it’s best in any light. These visible features are all thanks to Tru Vue’s proprietary coating process.


Now let’s talk about what you can’t see right away—the fact that 99% of ultraviolet rays will be blocked from ever reaching your piece. Why is this important? Because ultraviolet rays love to destroy things. Over time these rays will take a toll on your artwork, causing fading and discoloration. One of the best services your custom framer can provide you is the opportunity to protect an irreplaceable piece from irreversible damage.

Protect your art and precious memorabilia with conservation grade glazing. Stop by your local FastFrame today and they’ll be happy to show you our glazing options in person so that you can make the best choice for you and your artwork. And just maybe they’ll have a great doughnut shop recommendation in the neighborhood too!