How to Wrap a Picture Frame in 7 Simple Steps

Kudos to you for creating a thoughtful custom-framed gift to delight a loved one! But does panic set in at the thought of having to wrap it? Don’t worry—we created an easy how-to for picture frame wrapping. Follow our seven simple steps to create a beautifully wrapped picture frame every time.

1. Choose Your Wrapping Paper

Select wrapping paper that is sturdy enough to handle the corners and edges of the frame. Consider the occasion, the gift, and the recipient’s taste when choosing the design or pattern of the paper.

2. Prepare the Frame

Before you start wrapping with paper, ensure the frame is clean and secure. If the frame has a glass cover, consider placing one or two pieces of cardboard over the glass to protect it during handling.


The backs of most custom frames have eyelets on either side connected to the picture frame wire. You’ll want to place some cardboard or other cushioning over them so they don’t rip the paper. (Your custom framer can also do this for you with a bit of mat board.)


If you plan on shipping the gift, you should neatly wrap the entire frame with a couple of layers of bubble wrap or foam wrap before applying the gift wrapping.

3. Measure and Cut the Paper

Lay out the wrapping paper face down on a clean, flat surface. Place the frame face-down in the center and measure enough paper to cover the frame completely with an extra 2–3 inches for overlap. Cut the paper to size.

4. Wrap the Frame

As per step three, the frame should still be face down on the wrapping paper. Fold one side of the paper lengthwise, near the edge (this looks neater than leaving the cut edge visible). Bring two opposite sides of the paper up to the middle of the back of the frame, applying just enough tension in the paper so that it’s smooth and neat but not so much as to cause it to tear. Be sure that the side of the paper with the folded edge is on top. Now, once each side of the wrapping has overlapped the other and is lined up evenly, tape it in place with just a small piece of tape to hold it.


Note: We only use small squares of tape initially because it makes correcting errors easier. Once everything is in place, you can use longer pieces of tape to secure the wrapping better. Just remember to avoid letting the tape touch your frame, as this can damage some finishes.

5. Fold the Ends

At the ends of the frame, crease the edges of the paper inward to create flaps that can be folded against the frame’s edges. Now fold the flaps in toward the back and secure each with a small square of tape.


Pro tip: If you like, you can add an extra triangular inward fold to each of the short sides of the flaps, making them tapered, before pinning them in place. This will make the wrapping look neater and more professional.


You should have one trapezoid-shaped piece of paper sticking out from the bottom on each side. Add a horizontal fold to the cut edge of the paper on each side (this hides that cut edge), fold it upwards, and affix it with a small piece of tape.


Once you are satisfied with your wrapping, place longer lengths of tape along the three overlapping seams to fully secure the paper in place.

6. Decorate with Ribbon or Twine

Measure and cut a length of ribbon or twine that can go around the frame lengthwise and widthwise, with extra for a bow. Wrap the ribbon/twine around the frame, securing it with a knot or bow at the front face (the side without any folds). Alternatively, you can simply purchase an adhesive bow and affix it to the front.

7. Include a Card 

Don’t forget to include a note with a personal message that can be tucked into the ribbon or taped to the front of the gift. Most retailers sell tiny cards or gift tags that are perfect for writing the recipient’s name and a short message.

It’s a Wrap 

If you are thinking of giving someone a framed picture as a gift, don’t settle for a mass-produced frame. Instead, consider a custom frame, as this will ensure the very best quality materials, construction, and a touch of personalization. Find your nearest FastFrame store here.