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Jersey Framing: Score Points for Well-Played Sports Displays

Framing Jerseys

People who play team sports usually own a pullover custom jersey with their name, player number, and team logo emblazoned across it. The day will inevitably arrive, however, when it’s time to stop playing. On that day, they hang up their gear for good. Jersey framing can be a great way to make the memories from the playing days last.

Some people just tuck their custom jersey in the back of the closet. Others prefer to hang it up on a wall. Hanging a jersey on the wall of a den or bedroom is an easy way to remember your favorite times with friends on the field. Simply hanging it up may not be enough though. Making it into a memorabilia display gives your jersey a professional and sleek look.

Jersey framing keeps your favorite memories alive.

You can maximize the usage of your jersey with a custom frame. It’s a great way to do more with the original purchase and to give it a brand new meaning in your day-to-day life. Honor your playing days by continuing the legacy through your custom jersey display.

And of course, fans who purchase a jersey bearing the name of their favorite sports superstar can proudly show their loyalty using custom frames. Framing goes far beyond just 2D objects such as photographs or prints. Your jersey is one of the many 3D items that can be on display in your home or office. That means you can put your favorite team gear to use even when you’re done wearing it.

Custom framing jerseys and other memorabilia is an art form.

Properly displaying a jersey on the wall starts by mounting it within a frame. As you might imagine, jersey framing is an art. When it comes to even the smallest jersey, a custom frame is always best. That’s why you should talk to the framing experts at FastFrame before you go any further. FastFrame specializes in framing sports jerseys and tons of other memorabilia.

There are many ways to frame a jersey. The most basic approach involves laying the jersey flat and centering it against the frame’s backing. But, you can also position the jersey as far up inside the frame as possible in order to leave space at the bottom for one or more individually framed photos. For example, these can be photos of the player running, catching a ball, or jumping for joy after a big score.

Design experts customize all kinds of memorabilia projects.

FastFrame design experts who coach you will also walk you through a dizzying array of choices concerning frame size, shape, style, and color. With their help, the process of displaying your custom jersey unfolds with ease. A handcrafted custom frame catches the eye of everyone stopping by your home or office. Let friends, family, or coworkers admire your sports memorabilia.

Whether you’re remembering your own time on the field or showing support for your favorite sports team or player, jersey framing is the ideal memorabilia project for you.

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