6 Perfect Patriotic Projects

Celebrate the 4th of July with FastFrame!

In honor of Independence Day, visit your local FastFrame any time in July to create a custom American-themed framing project with the help of our design experts. All shadow box orders will receive an additional 25% discount off the entire project. Find a participating store near you on our website.

To inspire you, our team has put together some of our most unique, patriotic projects below.  These amazingly American projects are all made by custom framing experts:

1. American Flag

1. Framing Your American Flag!

You will treasure your framed American flag for a lifetime. Our FastFrame design experts will work with you to find the perfect frame to display your flag.

framed stamps

2. A Custom Frame for your Stamp Collection

All stamp collections are one of a kind.  Feature your favorite stamps in a customized frame.

Framed Military Memorabilia

3. Military Memorabilia

The Perfect Gift: Create a thoughtful gift for a loved one who’s served by framing their military decorations and memorabilia.

Famous American

4. Framing a Photo of a Historical Figure

Have a favorite photograph, painting or drawing of a historical figure? FastFrame will make sure it’s preserved correctly in an exceptional frame.

War Time Propoganda

5. Vintage Wartime Propaganda Project

Vintage Wartime Propaganda in a beautiful frame will be the star of any room.  Our design experts will help you find the perfect frame to accentuate your vintage artwork.

Amazing American Artifacts

6. Amazing American Artifacts

If you’re lucky enough to own a piece of American history, feature it in a custom frame.  Dated money, Native American artifacts or vintage Presidential campaign materials would all be beautifully showcased in an elegant frame.

Take Part in Our ‘4th Off for the 4th’ promotion

All participating FastFrame locations will be taking 25% off shadow box framing projects for the entire month of July. Learn more on our promotion page.

We hope you’re inspired to start your American framing project today!