Preserving Your Art - Which Option is Best for You

War Time Propoganda

When framing a sentimental or vintage piece of artwork, preservation methods should be at the forefront of your mind.  Preserving your art will allow you to enjoy it for years to come without the worry of damage or fading. At FastFrame we pride ourselves on making preservation a priority during your framing project.

FastFrame’s Preservation Plus™ program offers two different options: Preservation framing and Museum framing.

FastFrame’s Preservation framing uses conservation quality mats and mounting boards. as well as Conservation grade glazing products.  By using these exceptional products, we envelop your art in a completely acid-free environment, protecting it from the effects of acid degradation and UV light.  This keeps your artwork in prime condition year after year. Additionally, Preservation framing is completely reversible, allowing your artwork to be removed from its frame in its original condition.  You never know when you may want to reframe a special piece of art or

memorabilia, Preservation framing is ideal for framing limited editions, historical documents, sentimental family pieces or anything that you feel should be properly preserved.  

FastFrame also offers Museum framing which is widely acknowledged as the most protective form of framing available.

The main difference between Preservation and Museum framing is the quality of the products used.  In Museum framing, we use only Museum quality mats and mounting boards as well as Museum quality mounting products.  We still use Conservation grade glazing, offering 99% UV protection. Museum framing offers the ultimate protection for your valuable artwork.  Museum framing should be a consideration when framing expensive or original artwork.

At FastFrame, we believe in holding ourselves to the highest framing standards.  As such, our Preservation Plus™materials and techniques have been verified by industry experts.  As part of our Preservation Plus™ program, we offer our customers free inspections of their artwork every three years.  If you’re interested in finding out more about our Preservation Plus™program, please stop by your local FastFrame location for more information.  Our design experts will gladly explain the benefits of using Preservation Plus™.

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