Protect Your Art for Future Generations

Defending your artwork from potential damage is one of the most important things you can do as an art lover. Much time and dedication goes into creating a piece of art and the thought of it becoming ruined would cause any artist to shudder. Fortunately, here are four relatively simple steps you as an artist or collector can take to ensure your art will look pristine for generations.

1. Wash those hands.

We’ve all been hearing this a lot lately—because it’s so important! Frequent hand washing not only reduces germs, but helps to minimize the natural oils on your hands. As you are handling a work of art after purchase, wash those hands and avoid directly touching the work without cotton gloves.

Once displayed, don’t let others touch your artwork! Friends and guests to your home can often become excited by a piece of art and the natural inclination for some can be to touch. Whether it’s a painting, tapestry, or drawing—the best way to fully protect the work is through FastFrame’s preservation framing. Preserving your art will allow you to enjoy it for years to come without the worry of damage at the hands of others—or yourself!

2. Avoid direct sunlight.

Just as the sun ages our skin, so it does artwork. Exposure to sunlight can drain the color from fabrics, paints, and photographs. While you might want to avoid hanging your artwork in direct sunlight, there are additional steps you can take to ensure the safety of your artwork in any light. At FastFrame, we have the highest quality glazing from Tru Vue™ available to ensure that your artwork is protected and preserved for years to come. Using quality glazing can also protect your memories from indoor pollution, providing a barrier between the environment and your artwork.

Our museum-grade Glazing scatters light, reducing the glare from windows and lamps, making your displayed works more visible.

To keep the sun from dictating your design choices, speak with our framing experts in store who will advise you on our Tru Vue® glass and acrylic glazing options to protect your treasures and show them in the best light.

3. Keep an eye on the humidity.

The stuff that makes everyone sweat in the summer can also have a huge impact on the overall health of your art. Excessive humidity can lead to various issues with your art, such as color bleeding. Make sure to keep an eye on the humidity level in your home—with the goal to maintain 55% humidity (most indoor thermometers have a gauge for humidity). If your space is frequently too humid, purchasing a dehumidifier makes for an easy fix.

4. Don’t leave your art in a tube.

While your mind might not immediately go to framing new artwork right away, it probably should! Leaving art rolled up in a protective cardboard tube can cause staining, cracking, or drying. Even if you’re storing the artwork flat, there’s still the risk of potential accidents. Put FastFrame’s Preservation framing to work right away! We’ll use only conservation quality mats and mounting boards, as well as conservation grade glazing products.

By using these exceptional products, we envelop your art in a completely acid-free environment, protecting it from the effects of acid degradation and UV light. Additionally, Preservation framing is completely reversible, allowing your artwork to be removed from its frame in its original condition. You never know when you may want to reframe a special piece of art.

At FastFrame, we believe in holding ourselves to the highest framing standards. As such, our preservation materials and techniques have been verified by industry experts.

The full range of Tru Vue® glass and acrylic products are available at all of our locations. Speak with our design consultants who will recommend the right Glazing product to protect your art for future generations.