Which Gallery Wall Style Fits Your Personality?

Gallery walls are no passing fad—this wall decor trend is here to stay!

If you’re ready to create your own arrangement, but you’re having trouble deciding which type is right for you, we have just what you need. We’ve listed the six most popular types of gallery walls that coordinate with six different personality traits. After all, the sort of person you are says a lot about your design sense! Discover which gallery wall style resonates with you to create unique wall decor that truly matches your personality.

Are you bold & fun? Try a statement piece gallery wall

If you’re the life of the party and you love a good show-stopper, you’ll want a gallery wall anchored by a large statement piece. Choose one piece of oversized artwork with a bold design or vivid colors and have it custom framed to ensure it really pops. Be sure to hang your statement piece at eye level so it’s an automatic focal point. Then build out your arrangement with smaller pieces that have a similar theme or color scheme.

Are you extremely organized & straightforward? Try a grid gallery wall

If you crave symmetry and order in your home (and life!), a grid gallery wall is just the style for you. It has a clean look, but still makes a statement. This style works best when it looks uniform, so opt for identical frames featuring artwork in the same size and color palette. Go with custom framing choices that won’t look overwhelming in multiples. When it’s time to hang your frames, make sure you have a measuring tape and a level to ensure an even-looking grid.

Are you nostalgic & always collecting? Try an eclectic gallery wall

If you have a habit of collecting treasures and saving momentos, an eclectic gallery wall will allow you to display all your beloved pieces. Many cherished keepsakes can be turned into unique wall decor through custom framing. They’ll look fantastic hung side-by-side with vintage paintings, photos from your vacation, and original prints from your favorite artist. There are no rules for eclectic gallery walls, just start with a few focal pieces at the center and go from there!

Are you classic & unfussy? Try a linear gallery wall

If you like to keep things simple, clean, and classic, you’ll love a linear gallery wall. A linear gallery wall is similar to a grid style, but it only has one horizontal row of frames—it’s a pared-down look that still dresses up your walls. This style also looks best with identical frames featuring artwork in uniform sizes and styles, so keep that in mind when making your framing choices. Try a row of three or more frames to make an impactful display.

Are you creative & free-spirited? Try a mixed media gallery wall

If you love exploring unusual options and doing things your own way, a mixed media gallery wall will look just right in your home. Mix custom-framed art with mirrors, plaques, wall-mounted planters, masks, shelves, and more! Get creative with what wall decor means to you and experiment with your arrangement. Be ready to embrace your inner maximalist—an arrangement this varied can have a busy look. If you want to tone it down a bit, choose pieces with a unified color palette or made from similar materials.

Are you trendy & ever-evolving? Try a picture ledge gallery wall

If you’re a trendsetter that’s always switching things up, a picture ledge gallery wall is just right for you. Install two or three picture ledges on your wall with enough breathing room between them to comfortably fit your art. You’ll be able to rearrange your artwork whenever the mood strikes you—without putting any more holes in the wall! Mix in vases, plants, and other objects to add depth and visual interest. Feel free to layer frames, but no more than two deep or it will look clunky.

After you’ve discovered the perfect gallery wall for you, be sure to visit a FastFrame store for all your custom-framing needs!