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Wood Frame or Metal Frame: Which Should I Choose?

Metal and Wooden Frames

Deciding on a custom frame is a personal choice, which is why at FastFrame, we work with you to ensure that you love your frame. When you come in for your personal design consultation, we will help you determine which style is right for your frame design.

One important  choice is the type of frame: wood or metal. Wood frames are the industry standard, but metal frames have a distinct modern style. Each type of custom frame has unique qualities, so let’s break down the pros and cons.

Wood Frames

Most custom frames are made of wood, since there is a wider selection of colors and styles from which to choose. A wood frame can be painted or stained to any color, and you have a wide selection of designs that run from simple to elaborate and ornate. Wood frames are also sturdy, which helps protect your artwork.

If you’re looking to frame a more traditional piece of art or an heirloom, a wooden frame is a classic choice and a good place to start.

Metal Frames

Custom frames made of metal have modern, sleek styling. If you’re looking for a minimalist or industrial modern look for your custom frame, metal is a good choice. A metal frame can accent metallic tones in a photo, while a sleek metal frame can balance an intricate or busy piece of art.

More colors and designs are becoming available as new trends find ways to blend modern technology with design flair. One advantage to a metal frame is that they don’t dent or ding as easily as a wood frame, and if you do damage the frame, it can be taken apart and the damaged side replaced without having to replace the whole frame.

Choosing the Right Frame

The right custom frame for you will reflect your personal style. If you’re more traditional and you’re framing a treasured family photo, we might suggest a classic wood frame. If you’re all about sleek and modern and you’re framing a custom print of a city skyline, a metal frame might be more your style.

Our design consultants will get to know you and then recommend a frame that best enhances your art, photo, or keepsake.